Impact 169: IAS Recent Honor Statuses - Patron

Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.
Please read About These Lists for more information.

The following list appears in Impact 169 [ circa October 2020 ] :

IAS Recent Honor Statuses - Patron

     AID Srl
     Aldo Airoldi
     The Albricci Family
     Vicki Alexander & Family
     The Alvarez Escamilla Tarqui Family
     Ellie Anderson
     Jared & Christine Anderson
     Russell Andres & Jade Connor
     Naomi Gail Andrews
     The Arad Family
     The Barrera Family
     The Belloni Family
     The Beck & Wagner Family
     Christine Benecke
     Andy Booth and Jacky &Josh Hurst
     The Bowling Family
     The Braunstein, Fiongos, Stillhard Family
     Christine & Serge Brillon
     Laurent Buczek & Family
     The Buerk Family
     Julie A. Burke
     The Bustamante Family
     Dr. Michael & Karen Buzbee
     The Byrnes Family
     Michael &Andi Caruso Isaacson
     The Chauchereau-Cordonnier-Barta-Lafon Family
     The Chawla Family
     Stephen Chorley
     The Colleoni Gilroy Family
     The Coppoli Family
     The Cutler Family
     Margarete, Josef, Nicolai, Andy & Alex Deuschlinger
     Zoltan & Pamela Dicso
     The Dubreuil Family
     The Duffy Family
     The Elbes & Badani Families
     Erika Enciso & Carlos Rodriguez
     The Eshtamoa Family
     The Evans Family
     Brandon & Karina Faust and Family
     The Feldhamer Family
     The Holzknecht Paqnonlelli Family
     Nicole Foletta
     John F. Gaffney
     The Garrett Family
     The Gimenez Family
     Shirley Glaser & Family
     Anna & Vincent Grognard
     The Grosskopf Family
     Dan & Sarah Gudino
     Debbie Guyatt
     Cecile Hall
     The Hall Family
     The Haq Family
     Jaime Hardt
     Dot Harvey & Jeff Wilson
     Asako & Taisei Hayashi
     The John Hearsey Family
     Tim & Deborah Herrington
     Dana Holland
     The Hoyt Family
     Yuki, Nobuyuki & Manato Iritani
     Lorianne Isaacson-Baranyai
     Jan Willem Jansen, Larissa Ignacio & Family
     Robert Kabir-Clark & Family
     Beat Kappert
     Rosalia Kellerer
     Jason & Pamela Kennedy
     The Kimmels
     Kiri Kiuchi
     Chris Kjeldsen
     Ming-Chu Ko
     Fred Korhonen
     Liza & Ksenia Koshkarova
     Greg & Rachael Kras
     The Langeland Family
     The LaRose Family
     The Leclaire Family
     William H. Lee
     Odile Lemonnier
     Barbara Levine & Kaj Samuelsson
     Nicolo Licciardello
     Lenny Lindstrom & Darlene Bright
     The Nik Livic Family
     The Locatelli-Verzeri Family
     Louis Mancini III
     The Maresca Family
     Larry Marshall & Family
     Vernon & Vanja and Jacob Martins
     Monica Mauri & Family
     Catherine & Didier Mazerand and Family
     The McCowin Family
     Martha Miller Pomroy
     BettiJo Miner
     Ascanio Montisci & Rossella Canteri
     Juan Pablo López Moraleda
     Keiko, Maaya & Ryoma Nishimae
     The Naveh Family
     Dr. Steve Nedd
     Fabian, Jessica & Sebastian Padro
     Lia Isabella Peens
     Fernand Pelayo
     Diana & Walter Pfleger
     The Pimont Family
     Lucie Provost, Stephanie & Andre Hamel
     The Raffagnato & Bionda Family
     The Bruno Righini Family
     Adrian, Jazhael & Veronica Rios
     Zoltan Rizanji
     The Ernie & Cathy Ryan Family
     The Sage Family
     Uschy Scharff-Schneider & Edmond Scharff
     The Schaumburg-Boisen Family
     Scott Schmitt
     Michael G. Schellin
     Alexander Shanoilo
     Mala Sheth
     Takafumi Shimizu
     The Laveau & Sonneveld Family
     Harold Spissinger
     Glen, Agnes & Evelyn Stewart
     Renata Stocker
     Joseph & Maggie Strickland
     The Sun & Chiang Family
     The Tan Family
     Kenneth Richard Thomas
     Vic & Juliana Tipnes
     Peter Toth & Kinga Szabo and Family
     Roy & Margy Tolson
     Chisato Uchida
     Rob Vallance
     Nora Vamos
     Giovanni Verga
     The Villegas & Jimenez Family
     Timur Voloshin
     Paige & Scott Waldroff
     Earl Wertheim
     David & Ellen White
     The Wiemer Family
     The Wilbur, Phlips & Chase Family
     Bill & Laima Wise and Family
     Sean & Jill Wise and Family
     Yang, Yi-Chia & Hsiao, Ming-Jen

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