Things That Shouldn't Be Reports

In Tony Ortega's log of the testimony of Jane Doe 1 in the Danny Masterson rape trial, Jane Doe 1 testifies that she didn't report Masterson earlier because of Scientology's high crime policies:

Q. What kind of a report was it.

A. A "Things That Shouldn't Be" report.

Q. Are you familiar with that?

A. Yes.

Q. What did you understand that to be. Generally.

A. It's written by a person that is sensitive that they want known by Scientology staff, but unlike a KR, I'm not supposed to get a copy. We're not supposed to be handed a copy.

Q. These are internal reports?

A. Internal reports, like a secret about somebody.

Q. In the church?

A. Only in the church.

The Scientology policy letter Things That Shouldn't Be (HCO Policy Letter of 15 August 1965) directs Scientologists to write a report if there's something going on "that you don't like":

If you see something going on in the organization or incorrect that you don't like and yet do not wish to turn in an ethics chit, or indeed don't know who to report, WRITE A DESPATCH TO THE INSPECTIONS OFFICER.

The Things That Shouldn't Be policy letter is included in full in one of Scientology's most important books, Introduction to Scientology Ethics. It's also included in the Staff Status 2 Course Pack in the Staff Member Reports section.




You can see an example of a Things That Shouldn't Be report as part of the Lisa Files, a collection of files assembled by the Clearwater Police Department after the death of Scientologist Lisa McPherson.