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I'm Kristi Wachter. I created this site out of a desire to know the truth about Scientology.

I knew some of the things that official Scientology spokespersons were saying in their statements to the press were wrong. For example, it's clear that there are nowhere near 8 million (or even 9 million) practicing Scientologists in the world today. But I wanted to find out, based on the clearest evidence I could find, how many there really ARE.

As I compiled information for my first Scientology-related site,, I became aware of a number of falsehoods that would be of much greater interest to Scientologists than to the main visitors to that site, non-Scientologist members of the general public. So I began collecting information that I could share with current Scientologists - information about Scientology's stats, alterations to the tech, erased or rewritten Scientology history, and outpoints noted by other Scientologists. Out of those investigations, was born.

I have created a number of sites as a result of my ongoing interest in Scientology, Scientologists, and the many reform movements and splinter groups that have sprung up since the early days of Dianetics.

  • Scientology Lies was my first Scientology-related site. It documents Scientology's criminal and unethical acts and some of its many lies.
  • The Lisa McPherson Files presents the evidence collected by the Clearwater Police Department as part of their investigation into the death of Lisa McPherson, who lived her last days - and died - in the custody of the Church of Scientology.
  • The Compleat Aberree offers the full text of a newsletter published from 1954 - 1965 by a couple who were involved with Dianetics in the very early days. With humor and skepticism, it reports on - and skewers - Dianetics, Scientology, several of the offshoots and schisms, and a variety of 50s and 60s phenomena, from flying saucers to quitting smoking.

I welcome feedback from visitors to any of my sites - although I am usually extremely slow to reply, due to the amount of mail I get. If you have suggestions for this site or information that could be used here, please contact me, Kristi Wachter, at

I thank you for taking the time to visit the Truth About Scientology site.

Kristi Wachter

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