Finding Truly Standard Scientology Tech

Many dedicated, highly trained Scientologists continue to apply L. Ron Hubbard's ideas outside the Church of Scientology. Given the extensive evidence that CoS-published materials and CoS policies have been altered from LRH's original writings, some Scientologists feel that the only way to practice standard tech is outside of the official church.

I am not a Scientologist, and I do not use Scientology, so I know nothing about the independent practitioners working today. All I know is this: there are Scientologists applying standard tech outside of the CoS.

One source of information about alternative resources for auditing and training is the newsgroup. Some independent practitioners call themselves "freezone Scientologists;" you may be able to find people who can point you toward useful resources by searching for "freezone scientology" in your favorite search engine.

Be aware that, as you begin learning about independent practitioners, you will encounter people who are NOT practicing standard tech, or who have added their own techniques to what they do. It is my understanding that they are usually honest and up-front about it, but remember: you are responsible for determining whether anyone you work with is using standard tech - that applies to independent practitioners as well as CoS outlets. Take the time to evaluate any resource that appeals to you - and continue to re-evaluate it as you go along.

Finally, remember that people are people everywhere, and there is sometimes squabbling and occasionally even ugly infighting even in the best-intentioned groups. (You may have seen that at your local org.) Sometimes these squabbles even result in unethical behavior, such as revealing people's names when they've been trying to remain anonymous. Use caution and common sense.