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Lots of recent visitors to this site have been interested in Joy Gendusa.

Joy Gendusa runs a business called PostcardMania. She has written some columns for Forbes (although her Forbes executive profile page shows a "Page Not Found" error).

Gendusa and PostcardMania were in the news in late September 2022 as Hurricane Ian threatened Florida. Gendusa urged employees to come in to work despite the danger posed by the hurricane - at the time of Gendusa's comments to her staff, the governor of Florida had already warned that the hurricane would pose a "significant risk of life-threatening storm surge."

Frightened employees shared their concerns with labor journalist Jonah Furman, who shared them on his Twitter feed:

 Employees at marketing firm @postcardmania in Clearwater, Florida are not only being asked to work through the hurricane, but are being told to *bring their kids and pets to stay at work overnight* so as to "continue to service our National clients."

Then the press picked it up:

VICE reporter Paul Blest wrote a follow-up:

  • Paul Blest, "In Unhinged Video, CEO Who Told Staff to Work Through Hurricane Also Scorned COVID Concerns," VICE, September 30, 2022

For much of the meeting, however, she expressed fury at two anonymous employees who allegedly reported the company to the police for not following COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing requirements.


According to the list of Scientology completions for Joy Gendusa, she has been involved in Scientology at least as far back as 2005. Scientology magazines list her as attesting to Clear in 2014 and reaching OT VI in 2019.