DMCA Complaint from Scientology

Scientology Lawyer Files a DMCA Complaint Against

Update, October 17, 2005: All files have been restored. Since my web host did not receive any notice from Scientology indicating that a lawsuit had been filed within the 14-day period specified in the DMCA, my web host promptly restored the files Scientology complained about.

On September 30, 2005, attorney Ava Paquette, acting on behalf of "a number of Churches of Scientology ... including but not limited to Church of Scientology Western United States, Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International, Church of Scientology Flag Ship Service Organization, Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization", requested the removal of more than 600 pages from - all part of my Scientology statistics project.

In her complaint, she claims that these pages - which consist of uncopyrightable raw data, lists of the names of individuals who have completed Scientology services - infringe her clients' copyright.

I am filing a counter-notification with my web hosting provider, but the law gives Scientology two weeks during which they may file a lawsuit against me. If they do not do so during that time, my host can put the pages back up - but not before.

Please check back for the information you were seeking around the middle of October, and in the meantime, I encourage you to

You may also be able to find useful information on the new listings of service completions listed by participant's name.

This is not the first attempt Scientology attorneys have complained about this site - there was a groundless trademark infringement complaint at the end of 2001, which of course did not result in any further action. As for this DMCA complaint, I expect the pages to be back up shortly; thank you for your patience.

Kristi Wachter