Determining What's True

How do you know whether the information at this web site is true?

You don't.

No matter what your beliefs about Scientology, I hope you will approach everything you read here (and everything you read elsewhere) with skepticism.

I believe most people are looking for the truth. So how can you tell when you've found it?

I encourage you to verify as much information as you can (and are inclined to). I try to provide links to my sources wherever possible, to make it easy for you to see where I got my information.

When I can, I try to use Scientology's own information.

To illustrate the importance of careful reading and evaluation of the assertions you come across, I'd like to suggest you closely examine two statements alleging that Scientologists are exposed to certain chemical compounds.

I am 100% certain that at least one of these statements is true. I encourage you to evaluate both and see what conclusion you reach.


Here are some resources to help you improve your ability to determine the accuracy of information:

Some Scientologists report that they found L. Ron Hubbard's Data Series useful in evaluating information about Scientology itself.