Scientology - Altering the Tech

NEW (August 3, 2003): Gene Zimmer documents a significant change to the definition of the second dynamic. This revelation floored me!

(Note: If you are new to the terminology on this page, please refer to a Scientology glossary. As a very rough introduction, "tech" is Scientology policy, written by L. Ron Hubbard; "squirrelling" is making unauthorized changes to these writings or to the processes described in them.)

In the past few years, some Scientologists have discovered that Scientology publications had been altered without explanation. In most cases, this occurs when a book, published during L. Ron Hubbard's lifetime and originally credited as written "by L. Ron Hubbard", is revised and republished as "based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard." (Some reports refer to these altered versions as "BOTWO" versions.)

There are many reports of this, carefully documented with page numbers and publication dates.

Here are a few of those reports; more will be posted soon. You may also be interested in some of the outpoints described on the Outpoints page.

If you've discovered an unexplained alteration of a Scientology publication or of Scientology tech, please e-mail detailed information to

NEW 8/25/02: "Comm Cycles in Auditing" lecture

The new "Comm Cycles in Auditing" page documents six alterations to the lecture tape.

NEW 8/19/02: Floating Needle Definition

A post to the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup documents the changing definitions of "floating needle" and how that's been causing problems at major Scientology orgs.

This site has an extensive (but not comprehensive) list of alterations to Scientology materials from Self Analysis to The Phoenix Lectures to Introduction to Scientology Ethics to a wide variety of policy letters. You may also want to read the introduction to the site, which links to a variety of essays and materials.


"Safe" is the pseudonym of a Scientologist who provided several examples of altered tech, posting about them to the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup. After Safe had been online for several months, Scientology attorneys used the DMCA to request his identity from his Internet service provider, and he stopped posting shortly thereafter.


May 20, 1999

Omissions from Ethics Book

The Code of a Scientologist is missing from Introduction to Scientology Ethics.

January 19, 2000

Squirreling of '98 "Ethics" book

The 1998 Introduction to Scientology Ethics includes an altered version of an HCO PL and omits the bibliography (which had references to all the original PLs) and the Table of Conditions found in earlier versions.

 January 19, 2000

 Clearsound Tape Omissions

Lengthy sections from two Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Lectures, 22 June 1961 and 20 Feb 1962, have been removed from the current tape sets.

 January 21, 2000

145 LRH words OMITTED in R&D 13

The 1998 R&D Vol 13 transcript of PDC tape 24 has two sections omitted.

Theta One


 February 15, 2001

Study Tapes, Tape 8

Theta One documents a lengthy section, now missing from the Study Tapes, in which L. Ron Hubbard talks about Dharma, the Age of Reason, and the Age of Love.

Virginia McClaughry


 March 10, 2000

Lurkers: RE: alterations to The Book of Case Remedies

 In the newer version, the section entitled "CLEAR DIFFERS FROM O.T." has been renamed "Release Differs from Clear" and the text has been substantially altered.