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Alterations to 'Comm Cycles in Auditing'

TAS : Altering the Tech : Alterations to 'Comm Cycles in Auditing'

"Tech Lover" has identified six alterations - five omissions and one addition - to the lecture entitled "Comm Cycles in Auditing".

In a message posted to alt.religion.scientology, Tech Lover says:

These are the 7 tapes that are in the modern clearsound version of the Level 0 academy lectures. The first two (on the E Meter) were not in the old level zero academy cassettes, the remaining 5 were checked against the old tapes and omissions are marked ">".

There was also one case (marked "#") where a paragraph on translating line plots was omitted from the old cassettes (probably because of confidentiality) but is included in the new clearsound versions. (SHSBC-319)

There was also one case (SHSBC-320) where some material was edited out of the clearsound academy version but was left in the clearsound SHSBC version, so that even the modern clearsound tapes do not quite match in the two versions that are currently being sold.

Since even the old versions of these tapes have omissions, it would be of great help if somebody could check these transcripts against an early set of SHSBC Reels.

As Tech Lover points out, this lecture was originally numbered 290; in the new series, it is lecture number 319.

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