ARC Straightwire


ARC Straightwire is currently delivered as ARC Straightwire Expanded.

Service Type: 
Approximate Cost: 
- $4,240
Descriptions from Scientology Publications: 

This description of Expanded ARC Straightwire reveals the Scientology belief that, without Scientology auditing, people are getting worse. (It is unclear whether that means getting worse physically, mentally, spiritually, or some combination of the three.)

It's also interesting that they apply "expanded" to the individual and their outlook, rather than to the grades themselves. Usually, putting "expanded" in front of a noun would indicate that that noun had been expanded - without that unusual explanation, I would understand "expanded grades" to mean that there were previous processes for the grades, and we now have new, expanded versions. According to the book, though, that's not what they mean. It's confusing.


These grades consist of a series of auditing processes which restore to the individual specific abilities and lay a strong foundation for more advanced auditing. (By "Expanded" is meant something that increases one's outlook. ... )


The processes on this level free an individual from continued deterioration at a personal level. Here we have someone who will not get worse—and knows it.

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