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The Truth About Scientology

TAS : The Truth About Scientology


Concerned about altered tech? Scientologist Gene Zimmer has documented a dramatic alteration in the definition of the second dynamic!

What do you know? What do you want to know?

If you're a Scientologist or if you're interested in the technology of Scientology but have some concerns about outpoints within the Church of Scientology, this site is intended for you.

If you're a member of the public who's curious about Scientology, particularly allegations of and convictions for criminal acts, court rulings on the organization's deceptive practices, and more information about the human face of Scientology, you may be more interested in my other site,

(Of course, you may find that both descriptions apply to you. Feel free to browse both sites if they interest you.)

In either case, you may be interested in Scientology's legal threat against this Web site (falsely claiming trademark infringement) and Scientology's DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) attack - neither of which has permanently affected this site - as well as Google's sudden decision to reject advertising for the site.

This site provides factual information about Scientology that is typically omitted from the information provided by the Church of Scientology to the general public - information such as

  • Scientology statistics
  • information about alterations of the tech, and
  • stories of people and events that figured prominently in Scientology's history but are little known to many current Scientologists.

Safe for Scientologists: This site is designed to be a safe place for Scientologists to get factual data about outpoints in Scientology's management. While the information doesn't paint the same rosy picture of Scientology's health as you'll hear at Scientology events, I've taken care to avoid any mention of confidential upper-level information.

New July 2008: Clear to Eternity Newsletter 2006, information about Scientologists who are at risk because they've attested to Clear but have not yet reached OT III.

New April 2006: Preliminary Stats Analysis for 2005, a first glimpse of analysis of Scientology's published service completion numbers for Celebrity, Freewinds, and Source.

New March 2006: My Dogma Ran Over My Karma, an Enlightenment Critique of Scientology by a lifetime member

New October 2005: You can now find service completions listed by participant's name and search the Scientology Statistics Project database:

New April 2005: What's Your Clear Number? - compare annual Clear attest tallies from the peak era with more recent years and view Clear lists from the Clear explosion of the late 1970s

New March 2005: 2004 WISE Analysis, showing growth and shrinkage by business category, country, and US states.

New February 2005: graphed statistics and analysis for Celebrity for 1991 through 2004.

New January 30, 2005: graphed statistics and analysis for all years from start of publication through 2004 for Advance, Freewinds, and Source.

New January 2005: Murray Luther is back! Long-time Scientologist "Murray Luther" offers his thoughts and perspectives on the Forbidden Side of Scientology.

New January 2005: WISE directory listings for 2004 and 2001. Analysis will be posted later this month.

New September 2004: summary analysis of all Flag (Source mag) statistics from 1976 to the present day - including lots of pretty graphs.

New August 8, 2004: more than 80 completions lists from local org mags - see how your org is doing compared to others! Analysis coming soon.

New in July 2004: dozens of Sponsor lists from Impact and a couple of my own additions to Things to Think About.

Also New in July 2004: Reconnection, a newsletter by and for longtime, dedicated Scientologists following the expulsions and departures pursuant to the forming of RTC, the creation of the Finance Police, and the 1982 Mission Holders Conference

New in March 2004: Impact Sponsor lists and additional completions lists from Source magazine - analysis coming soon

New on November 2, 2003: preliminary analysis of Celebrity magazine completions statistics (the raw data is available from the main Celebrity stats page)

New on August 16, 2003: complete analysis of Freewinds completions statistics

NEW (Aug. 3, 2003): Scientologist Gene Zimmer has documented a dramatic alteration in the definition of the second dynamic!

New on August 3, 2003: complete analysis of Advance! (AOLA) completions statistics

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