Preliminary Stats for 2005

TAS : Scientology's Statistics : Preliminary Stats for 2005

Some Stats are Up - But Not by Much

This first glance at Scientology's 2005 statistics shows that some completion tallies are up - but not by much. It seems likely that deeper analysis will reveal that much of the new activity is in small services that contribute little to Scientology's bottom line - the all-important Gross Income stat.

Celebrity - Slightly Downstat

CC Int's total of 4292 completions for 2005 is drop of 7.6% from 2004's 4644 completions. (NOTE: Scientology's mailing schedule makes annual reporting a confusing task. Issue 363 of Celebrity was received well into 2005, but it had a 2004 copyright date. I will be revising the 2004 analysis to include data from issue 363.) This slight decline still represents the second-highest year of stats for the Celebrity Centre - but it suggests that the growth in 2004 will not be sustained.

Freewinds - Noticeably Upstat

Freewinds magazine's total of 3388 completions for 2005 represents the second year in a row that Freewinds has shown a 20% increase. 2005 tallies are the second-highest ever, down slightly from 1999's record of 3477.

Source - Slightly Upstat

Flag Land Base tallies, as reported in Source magazine, are slightly up - 6.5% - over last year, with a tally of 6522 completions in 2005 compared to 6126 in 2004. This is a much smaller increase than last year's 33%, and is still just 60% of the 1989 peak.