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Flag's Training Course Stats are Up

Training Courses are the training side of the Bridge, from the Student Hat Course through the Academy Levels, all the way up to Class VIII and Class IX Auditor training. Besides the Student Hat Course, which accounts for 12% of Training completions, and the Professional TR Course, which makes up nearly 17% of Training completions, the most popular courses include the Upper Indoc TR Course, the Pro Metering and Flag Pro Metering Courses, Academy Levels 0 and I, and the Key to Life and Life Orientation Courses.

Flag Training Course stats peaked in 1996, with nearly 2300 completions that year. Stats crashed over the next four years, down to just 667 in 2000. They climbed again to nearly 1600 in 2002, fell, then recovered to 1536 in 2004 - slightly down from 2002, but down more than 30 percent from the 1996 peak. Three courses - the Professional TR Course, the Upper Indoc TR Course, and the Flag Pro Metering Course - made up 55% of 2004's total completions. The Flag Pro Metering Course had the highest number of completions ever: 245, more than double last year's 121.

You can view a table showing all completion tallies from 1976-2004 for this category.

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