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Flag's Specialty Rundown Stats are Down

Specialty Rundowns are special actions that are not part of the regular Bridge sequence. Among the most popular are the FPRD (False Purpose Rundown), the Dynamic Sort-Out Assessment, the Int By Dynamics Rundown, the Profession Intensive, and the Havingness Rundown, which appears to have supplanted the extremely popular Prosperity Rundown.

Specialty Rundown completions peaked at Flag in 1992, with 1759 completions that year - 710 of them for the Prosperity Rundown alone. Two years later, stats had crashed by more than 60%, to 675, and by 1997 they had fallen further to a mere 241 completions. The next five years saw a small but fairly steady climb, but it petered out in 2002. 2004's 451 completions are a mere quarter of 1992's total.

You can view a table showing all completion tallies from 1976-2004 for this category.

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