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As part of my ongoing project of compiling and analyzing Scientology's statistics, I am collecting statistics from Prosperity magazine, the magazine of WISE (the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises).

I currently have several issues. So far, completions lists have been posted from three issues:

I am interested in receiving copies of, or information from, all issues, even those I already have.

I will update these pages as I receive more information and have time to continue my analysis.

Stats Are Down

An analysis of the four most recent issues (as of the date of the analysis, late 2002) shows that WISE's New Member stat is down. (I'll try to do another analysis near the end of 2004.)

IssueNew Members
52 (circa October 2001)147
53 (circa February 2002)142
54 (circa June 2002)229
55 (circa September 2002)102


Many, many people have contributed to the statistics project by sending in tallies, completions lists, or old magazines. The contribution page tells more about how you can help. I thank all those who have contributed so far!