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As part of my ongoing project of compiling and analyzing Scientology's statistics, I am collecting statistics from Reality, the magazine of the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles.

As I get more data, I plan to analyze the statistics for each org. In addition, I plan to compile data from old issues of Auditor magazine, which used to list completions for each local org, and compare that to more recent data. (In the meantime, you may be interested in analysis I have done on data from Advance, Celebrity, and Freewinds.)


IssueApproximate DateIncludes completions?
Reality 691968yes
Reality 701969yes
Reality 741969yes
Reality 751969yes
Reality 761970yes
Reality 781970yes
Reality 821970yes
Reality 1001972yes
Reality 140July 1976yes
Reality 158January 1978yes
Reality 162May 1978yes
Reality 164July 1978yes
Reality 2861988yes
Reality 364January 2003yes
Reality 368yes
Reality 370yes
Reality 372October 2003yes

About the Magazine

Per policy, org magazines are supposed to come out every month in alternating Major and Minor issues. Major issues are supposed to include completions lists, and are supposed to be mailed to people who have done a service or at least bought a book; Minors are not supposed to include completions lists, and are to go to everyone on the mailing list, even people who haven't spent any money on Scn.

However, not all orgs have adhered closely to this policy. It's not uncommon to find Minor issues with completions listed and Major issues with no completions listed.

In recent years, org mags have been produced centrally. Issues from different orgs look nearly identical and contain nearly identical content. Only a few pages - indeed, usually only parts of those pages - contain information related to the local org. Often there will be a message from the local executive director; sometimes there will be a half page or a page of local org news; and, if there are completions listed, those reflect completions from the local org only. However, even many success stories are duplicated across the country, rather than originating from the local org.

Older org mags (from the 1970s) contain a great deal of local information, including interviews with local Scientologists, articles written by local staff members, and sometimes poetry or artwork contributed by local members.

I am very interested in receiving copies of, or information from, all issues of all org magazines, even the ones I already have.

Many, many people have contributed to the statistics project by sending in tallies, completions lists, or old magazines. The contribution page tells more about how you can help. I thank all those who have contributed so far!

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