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Freewinds Stats Through 2004 - Further Analysis

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Freewinds Statistics Through 2004 - Further Analysis

This page focuses on some of the most important individual services, and groups of services, from the Freewinds completions lists, and offers some thoughts about what the graphs mean.

New OT VIII Completions

As discussed on the main Freewinds Processing Statistics page, OT VIII completions are technically down compared to 1989 and 1990, but since those years reflected the flood of OT VIIs waiting to take the new service, it's hardly reasonable to expect later years to reflect similar numbers of completions.

While OT VIII completions have risen over the past three years, it's significant to note how few of those completions, overall, there have been - especially since all those who attested to OT VIII during the early period were ordered to redo the level. Many of those 1200 or so early OT VIIIs have either not chosen to comply with Scientology management's directive, or else they're getting bogged down in their second attempt.

There have only been 335 New OT VIII completions during the past four years - less than half of all those who completed OT VIII the first time around in 1989.

OT Debug Completions

Few Scientology completions graphs show as much up-and-down as OT Debug. There is currently a continuing downtrend to its lowest point in a decade.

Key to Life and Life Orientation Course Completions

Following a strong peak in the early 1990s, these two courses dropped dramatically in 1992, then fell again in 1996 and settled into low numbers until another, far smaller peak in 2003. However, 2004 completions are down again. Scientologists received a flier urging parents to send their kids to the Freewinds to do these two courses over the 2004 summer vacation; apparently, few families took advantage of this program.

OT Hatting Courses

In analyzing the OT Hatting Course completions, I discovered that about half of the courses had experienced strong peaks. In most cases, completions fell 50% or more following the peak year and never recovered. This makes it seem like that the latest spike, for the London Congress on Dissemination and Help Course, will probably peter out over the next few years. It's a statistic to watch.

These stats typically peak at around 200 completions in one year, with far smaller numbers in other years.

Other courses showed steadier rates of attendance. Even for these, though, the peak year is typically several years in the past, and few of these stats are rising significantly.

Stats for these courses rarely surpass 100 a year.

The three bestselling OT Hatting Courses are less predictable. Of these three, Route to Infinity is slightly up from last year, while the other two are declining.

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