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Freewinds Stats Through 2004 - Processing

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Freewinds' Processing Stats are Up over 2003 but Down from Previous Years

Strictly speaking, it's accurate to say that Processing stats are way, way down, compared to 1989 and 1990; but realistically, it would have been nearly impossible to maintain the stats from those years over the following years. Those statistics represent hundreds of people attesting to OT VIII, a level which was released for the first time in 1989 on board the Freewinds. That kind of pent-up demand for a brand-new level is almost impossible to maintain - it would require an extraordinary flow of new members equally eager -and also ready - for the service.

Instead, focusing on the graph from 1992 to 2004 probably gives a more correct picture of Scientology's current health, as reflected in completions on the Freewinds. Nearly all of these completions are OT VIII completions. OT VIII is the most coveted, highest-level service in Scientology, as of this writing.

On one hand, this statistic has undeniably been going up since 2000. On the other hand, there have been fewer than 400 completions during that time - a number that appears especially puny given that all those who attested to OT VIII during the early period were ordered to redo the level. Many of those 1200 or so early OT VIIIs have either not chosen to comply with Scientology management's directive, or else they're getting bogged down in their second attempt.

The following table shows completion tallies for Processing on the Freewinds, Scientology's cruise ship and retreat, based on completions listed in Freewinds magazine.

Freewinds Processing Completion Statistics, 1989 - 2004

NEW OT VIII TRUTH REVEALED75525582313143951394911371501
2. PROCESSING755255823141442500001394911371505

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