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Note: Freewinds stats are up from 2003, but down from the peak year of 1999. The 2004 Freewinds Stats Analysis page has more details. You can also read the August 2003 Freewinds Stats Analysis.

In addition, I have posted a 2004 Advance Stats Analysis and a 2004 Flag (Source) Stats Analysis.

As part of my ongoing project of compiling and analyzing Scientology's statistics, I am collecting statistics from Freewinds magazine, the magazine of the Church of Scientology's Freewinds ship.

Many, many people have contributed to the statistics project by sending in tallies, completions lists, or old magazines. The contribution page tells more about how you can help. I am very interested in receiving copies of any and all issues of Freewinds, even those I have already. I trade duplicates with other collectors so we can have robust collections spread out around the world. I thank all those who have contributed so far!

I would like to extend special thanks to Cerridwen, who has transcribed so many completions lists and has been such a tireless collaborator on this project.

Completions Lists from Freewinds Magazine