Contributing to the Scientology Statistics Project

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As part of my ongoing project of compiling and analyzing Scientology's statistics, I am collecting statistics from every Scientology magazine I can find.

I have a small but growing collection of Scientology magazines:

I also have a collection of org magazines from individual Scientology orgs, including Ability, Achievement, Cognition, Enhancement, Gateway, New Era, Purpose, Survive, Success Gazette, and Understand. (Since I live in San Francisco, I am especially interested in Gateway.)

Contributing to the Statistics Project

Many, many people have contributed to the statistics project by sending in tallies, completions lists, or old magazines. This project would not be possible without their generous contributions.

If you would like to contribute to this project, you can send me tallies (a tally should list the name of the magazine, issue number, approximate date, each course or service, and the number of people completing that course or service), completions lists, or entire issues of magazines. If you have a magazine that lists NO completions, that is useful information, too.

You can also contribute by making suggestions about the most valuable information and analysis. Not all statistics are equally important, and I want to help cut through the morass of numbers by focusing on the most significant ones - such as number of Clear attests, number of OT attests, and number of internship completions. You can help me do that by providing your feedback about the most important information and the best ways to present it.

There are three ways to provide information to this project:

  • Send it to me in e-mail at (I vastly prefer plain text to attachments, since I may not be able to open your attachment and attachments can transmit viruses - although, since I'm on a Mac and don't use MS Office, I have some protection from document viruses)
  • Post your information on the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup
  • Send your information to me in the mail at the address below

Sending Mail

You can send mail - including complete issues of magazines, completions lists (please label them clearly with the issue number if you are only sending the completions!), or CD-ROMs (if you want to send files but don't want to use e-mail) - to

Kristi Wachter
2443 Fillmore St #202
San Francisco, CA 94115

If you are sending paper (such as a collection of old magazines), you may wish to send them at the Media Mail rate, which is much less expensive than regular mail.

Anonymous Contributions

Some people prefer to send their contributions anonymously - and that's fine with me. If you would like some kind of acknowledgement that I received your anonymous materials, such as a notice on one of my web pages or a message on alt.religion.scientology or, please simply insert a note saying so, and I will do my best to let you know when your package arrives.

Sending Money

Finally, if you are inclined to contribute financially: thank you for the thought, but I'm not currently set up to take financial donations, and frankly, they wouldn't help me get the job done any faster. If you have some money to give to a good cause, I list several I like on one of my other web pages. What I most need for this project is information and time ... so if you'd like to help out with some of the work, please let me know.

Once again, I'd like to thank the many people who have sent me magazines and tallies - and those who have posted information online, where it's available to everyone. Your hard work has made it possible for us all to get real information about Scientology completions.