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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 23 Feb 2002 13:38:36 GMT
Subject: Re: Phoenix Org Stats/Request for Help
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>I am attempting to collect stats on the C of S expansion/contraction. 
>I receive most of the major magazines published by the C of S, that
>include lists of graduates, but I do not have access to local org

I got one last week from the Chicago org.  I was surprised because I figured
they would have taken me off the mailing list.  It's called "cognition" and is
Minor No. 356, but I can't seem to find a date of printing.
(Chicago org has been asked why my daughter's name appears in the mag when she
is no longer with the org...we were told that it's another "Kim". With the same
last name????)

Here's the stats with (what I know)

Releases and Graduates

Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life Course
Tony Reinert
Tina Karasinski

Personal Effiiency Cours Part 1
Colleen Reinert

How to Use a Dictionary Course
Camerton Uslander

Basic Study Manual
Bill Skutta Jr.
Polly Surdu

Extension Courses
Ed Sachs

Student Hat Course
Mike Norvil

Confessional Processing
Tom Lehoullier

Happiness Rundown Auditing
Domenic Cusano

ARC Straightwire Auditing
Domenic Cusano

Grad 0 Expanded
Sylvia Guerrero

State of Clear
Tom Lehoullier

Sunshine Rundown Auditing
Tom Lehoullier

Review Auditing
Sandy Mankhau
Sarah Wells (staff - acting director of org)
Pat Riley

End of Edless Int Rundown
John Nicholson

Staff Status 0 (Isn't this one taken by new staff?)
Ben Hunt
Melieneice Reed
Greg Kelson
Brady Delgado
Ashley Parker

Staff Status I
Kim Steinke (my daughter-was on staff)

Ethics Specialist Court
Eloise Edmonson
Allyne Rosenthal

The mag has an order form for books and courses.  Current price for non-IAS for
the the Volunteer Minister Course is $250. E-meters are going for $625. 
Purification rundown is $1500.  The prices are listed as "Donation/Price".