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Scientology Clear List, Auditor 226, circa July 1989

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The following list of people attesting to Clear appeared in the Auditor magazine, a Scientology publication.


Candy Mathews
Virginia Cantle
Karen Russell
Farid Tabibzadeh
Joyce Van Dyk
George Bruce
Ward Cole
Teresa Reile
Satya Viswanathan
Michael Hale
Mike Bogias
Gary Lawrence
Judith Diaz
Carole Brooks
Karen Brown
Helyn Dunn
Kristi Anderson
Peggy Poulos
Jane Roote
Gail Jennings
Brian Doherty
Wendy Dovenmuehle
Daniel Leriche
Sherry Gluchowski
Cathy Dionisio
John Kagie
Dan Fraisse
Winnie D'Rion
Maria de Rocha
Phil La Claire
Peter Reile
Lee Kessler
Keith Jaeger
John De Nero
Virginia Cantle
Eleze Littlejohns
David Hansen
Skip Heerling
Kirk Thomas
Lisa Wilkey
Dan Bettendorf
Michael Hale
Robin Selmier
Bob McGratti
Danny Klien
Paul Mannix
Deb Schrock
Darcy Murray
Bruce Weaver

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