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Scientology Clear List, Auditor 120, circa February 1976

TAS : Stats : Clears : Scientology Clear List, Auditor 120, circa February 1976

The following list of people attesting to Clear appeared in the Auditor magazine, a Scientology publication.

Now there are 5138 Clears!

Clear 5101 JEFFREY YOUMANS, Santa CIara
Clear 5102 DOT TAYLOR, Charlotte, North Carolina
Clear 5103 LINDA HUTCHINS, Albuquerque
Clear 5104 NEIL R. BROWN, Phoenix
Clear 5105 LAINEY FLECK, New York
Clear 5106 DON DIEKMANN, Los Angeles
Clear 5107 NOEL KING, New York
Clear 5108 CONNIE BURKE, St. Louis
Clear 5109 DANNY DANIEL, Los Angeles
Clear 5110 JOHN ANDERSON, Sacramento
Clear 5111 JACK DeWYNGAERT, New York
Clear 5112 MARTA TELLES, Salt Lake City
Clear 5113 FREDRIC WINGERD, Las Vegas
Clear 5114 MICKEY LUELL, Celebrity Centre
Clear 5115 LYNN OLSON, San Diego
Clear 5116 ROB OLSON, San Diego
Clear 5117 ALAN TRACHSEL, Sydney, Australia
Clear 5118 BETH SHAFFER, Celebrity Centre
Clear 5119 DON ERIKSON, Phoenix
Clear 5120 FRAN WATSON, San Diego
Clear 5121 DIANE FARLEY, San Diego
Clear 5122 GERRY TAYLOR, Seattle
Clear 5123 BONNIE McNEELEY, Los Angeles
Clear 5124 VIKKI WALKER, Sacramento
Clear 5125 RENEE O'CONNOR, Los Angeles
Clear 5126 RUDY BERGMAN, Flag
Clear 5127 CHRISTOPHER CONANT, Atlanta
Clear 5128 KATHIE KEPPLER, Sacramento
Clear 5129 MAURICE GREEN, New York
Clear 5130 TOM BELL, Charlotte, N.C.
Clear 5131 ROBBIE CONANT, Atlanta
Clear 5132 CHRISTOPHER SMITH, Atlanta
Clear 5133 KEN SHAPIRO, ASHO staff
Clear 5134 HILARY HAWKEN, San Francisco
Clear 5135 BARB GENUNG, Davis, California
Clear 5137 NANCY HELGESON, Los Angeles
Clear 5138 ERIC KRACKOW, New York

CORRECTION: Clear 5094 JOHN ST. JOHN is from Hawaii.

(Last issue he was listed as from Las Vegas.)