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Scientology Clear List, Auditor 119, circa January 1976

TAS : Stats : Clears : Scientology Clear List, Auditor 119, circa January 1976

The following list of people attesting to Clear appeared in the Auditor magazine, a Scientology publication.


Clear 5057 JOHN McNAMARA, London
Clear 5058 GORDON GILL, Los Angeles
Clear 5059 MARY GEORGE BERRIOS, San Juan
Clear 5071 JAMES ROBINSON, Kansas City
Clear 5072 DOUG HOGG, Toronto
Clear 5073 DONALD SCHUMACHER, Las Vegas
Clear 5074 JIM CARROLL, Palo Alto
Clear 5076 DON REEVES, Buffalo
Clear 5077 NOEL MUNN, Charlotte
Clear 5078 MEL ARANAS, San Francisco
Clear 5079 ELAINE PRUETTE, Charlotte
Clear 5080 OMAR JAZZAR, Los Angeles
Clear 5081 LOUISE LARSEN, Vancouver
Clear 5082 YVONNE JOHNSON, Johannesburg
Clear 5083 JOHN PISCOTTA, New York
Clear 5084 JOHN MUNN, Charlotte
Clear 5085 BOB TERRY, Las Vegas
Clear 5086 PETER BROWN, Davis, California
Clear 5087 TOM GARVIN, St. Louis
Clear 5088 KEN WEIR, New Jersey
Clear 5089 JENNY KING, Santa Clara
Clear 5090 WILLIAM PRICE, Los Angeles
Clear 5091 SUSAN FLINT, San Diego
Clear 5092 GREG SMITH, Los Angeles
Clear 5093 WILLIAM NORMAN, Austin
Clear 5094 JOHN ST. JOHN, Las Vegas
Clear 5095 CAROL GLUCHAKI, New York
Clear 5096 CHARLES PAIGE, San Francisco
Clear 5097 ROGER SMITH, New York
Clear 5098 KAREN OLSON, Vancouver
Clear 5099 CAROLYN TOFTNESS, St. Louis
Clear 5100 MARY ANN GALLANT, Albuquerque

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