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Ulli Van Stone - Scientology Service Completions

Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.

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The following names may match the name in your search:

Bess Sullivan
Bob Sullivan
Brian Sullivan
Brigid O'Sullivan Moore
Charlotte Sullivan
Child Sullivan
Corrine Sullivan
David Sullivan
Dick Sullivan
Donna O'Sullivan
Ean Sullivan
Edin O'Sullivan
Elizabeth Sullivan
Eoin O'Sullivan
Erin Sullivan
Jacquie Sullivan
Jane Sullivan
Jerry Sullivan
Jim Sullivan
John Sullivan
Jori L. Sullivan
Jori Sullivan
Jorn L. Sullivan
Kathy Sullivan
Kelsy Sullivan
Lorna Sullivan
Maureen Sullivan
Mike Sullivan
Scott Sullivan
Silvana Favulli
Stephen Sullivan
Susanne Sullivan
Suzanne Sullivan
Ted Sullivan
Terrance Sullivan
Terri Sullivan
Tiffany Sullivan
Tim O'Sullivan
Tim Sullivan
Time O'Sullivan
Tom O'Sullivan
Albert Sullivan
Chase Sullivan
Daniel Sullivan
Daniel A. Sullivan
Deborah Vanzulli
Emily O'Sullivan
Jenny Sullivan
Lois Sullivan
Lori Sullivan
Susan Sullivan
Ullie Van Stone
Flora Sullivan
Bob & Erin Sullivan Family
Corinne Sullivan
John & Flora Sullivan
The Maureen Sullivan Family
Dina Sullivan
Maggie Sullivan
Michael Sullivan
Richard Sullivan
Terry Sullivan
Thomas Sullivan
Mark O'Sullivan
Sean O'Sullivan
Tim O’Sullivan
Donna O’Sullivan
Ulli Van Stone
Kecia O'Sullivan
Richie Sullivan
Mike Sullivan
Erin Sullivan
Silvana Favulli
David Sullivan
Kathy Sullivan
Ulli Van Stone
Sandra Sullivan
Monique J. Sullivan
Mike G. Sullivan
Tracey O'Sullivan
Cathy Sullivan
Dave Sullivan
Molly Sullivan
Jessy Sullivan
Jerry Sullivan
Richard Sullivan
Frank O'Sullivan
Savannah Sullivan
Spencer Sullivan
Corinne Sullivan
Jesse Sullivan
Kecia O'Sullivan
Bob Sullivan
Tim O'Sullivan
Bob& Erin Sullivan Family
Maureen Sullivan
Jori Sullivan

Ulli Van Stone in Scientology's Publications

No entries were found in my main Scientology Statistics database for this person.

Ulli Van Stone and the Clear List

Entries for DAVID C. SULLIVAN in my Scientology Statistics Project Clear List database:

Publine Publication Clear Number Location
Clear 5402 DAVID C. SULLIVAN, Tustin, Calif. Auditor 125 5402 Tustin, Calif.
Clear 5754 BRIGID O'SULLIVAN, Hawaii Auditor 130 5754 Hawaii
7141 Bob Sullivan Auditor 150 7141
Clear 7141 BOB SULLIVAN Auditor 154 7141
Clear 7567 TERRY SULLIVAN Auditor 154 7567
Clear 9242 CASS SULLIVAN Auditor 156 9242
Clear 10,108 CATHY SULLIVAN Auditor 157 10108
Clear 10,344 MAUREEN SULLIVAN Auditor 157 10344
Clear No. 12,147 CONNIE SULLIVAN, San Francisco Auditor 158 12147 San Francisco
Clear No. 12,565 CARMEL SULLIVAN, ASHO Auditor 159 12565 ASHO
Clear No. 15,370 MICHAEL SULLIVAN, Boston Auditor 160 15370 Boston
Tim O'Sullivan Auditor 246

Ulli Van Stone and Scientologist Online Sites

My database does not list a Scientologist Online cookie-cutter web site for this person.

Ulli Van Stone and WISE Directories

WISE, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, publishes directories listing their members.

My database does not list this person in the WISE directories in my archives.

About this information

The information on this page comes from my Scientology Statistics database. While I attempt to be as accurate as possible, errors or inaccuracies may be introduced by the source material, the transcription process, or database bugs. If you discover an error or problem, please let me know by writing to .