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Mary Ann G. Conte - Scientology Service Completions

Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.

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Mary Ann Barr
Mary Ann Bourdeau
Mary Ann Chait
Mary Ann Ching
Mary Ann Cole
Mary Ann Duram
Mary Ann Durham
Mary Ann Fast
Mary Ann Finney
Mary Ann Gebhalt
Mary Ann Gross
Mary Ann Hermansen
Mary Ann King
Mary Ann Langenfeld
Mary Ann McCaffrey
Mary Ann Moore
Mary Ann Nanni
Mary Ann O'Donnell
Mary Ann Parker
Mary Ann Quirino
Mary Ann Unforrieco
Mary Ann Wilson
Mary Anne Chait
Mary Anne Ching
Mary Anne Durham
Mary Anne Fast
Mary Anne Gross
Mary Anne Hunter
Mary Barne Mann
Mary Jo McGann-Chaves
Mary Kaufmann
Maryann Brougham
Maryann Buckingham
Maryann Cates
Maryann Ching
Maryann E. Cates
Maryann Hoffman
Maryann Karoglak
Maryann Muro
Maryann O'Donnell
Maryann Velasco
Maryanne Buchele
Maryanne Fast
Maryanne Hunter
Maryanne O'Donnell
Maryanne Zowistowski
Rosemary Hoffmann
Maryann Moore
Maryann Seifi
Maryanne Ching
Mary Ann Goldberg
Mary Anne Acosta
Maryann Campos
Maryann Chait
Mary Ann Leach
Mary Ann Brooks
Mary Ann G. Conte
Mary Ann Conte
Mike & Mary Ann King
Mary Ann Pallante
I. M. & Mary Ann Chait
Harry & Mary Ann Durham
Gerold & Mary Ann Langenfeld
Maryann Khayali
Maryann Bock
Mary Anne Haye
Mary Ann Jenks
Mary Ann Di Giralamo
Maryann Jackson
Mary Anne Langenfeld
Mary Ann Venturena
Maryanna Szaszkiewwicz
Mary Ann Bock
Maryann Mai-Fan Ching
Maryann Pallante
Mary-Anne Hunter
Mary Ann Caruso
Maryanne Nagy
Mary Ann Langenfield
Maryanna Szaszkiewi
Maryann Muhammad
Maryanne Langenfeld
Maryanne Hermansen
Maryann Ching
Maryann O'Donnell
Mary Ann Jenks
Maryanne Hermansen
Mary Ann Langenfeld
Mary Ann Rusnak
Mary Anne Gross
Mary Ann Bock
Mary Ann Ching
Mary Ann Durham
Maryanna Szaszkiewicz
Mary Ann Chait
MaryAnne Morcos
Mary Ann Venturena Pallante
Mary Ann Conte
Maryann Velasco
Mary Ann Hermansen
Mary Anne Hermansen
Maryanne Hunter
Maryann Hoffman
Mary Ann Reitze
Mary Anne Blevins
Mary Ann Dilon

Mary Ann G. Conte in Scientology's Published Service Completion Lists

The following 6 individual completions for Mary Barne Mann appear in official Scientology publications:
Name Variations Issuenum Approxdate
Mary Barne Mann GRADE 0 Source 29 1980-10-01
Mary Kaufmann FALSE PURPOSE RUNDOWN AUDITING Source 54 1986-10-01
Mary Kaufmann NEW OT VII SOLO NOTS COMPLETION Source 63 1988-09-01
Mary Kaufmann FALSE PURPOSE RUNDOWN AUDITING Source 65 1989-02-01
Mary Kaufmann NEW OT VIII Freewinds 4 1990-12-01
Mary Kaufmann ROUTE TO INFINITY COURSE Freewinds 4 1990-12-01

Mary Ann G. Conte in Scientology's Publications

No entries were found in my main Scientology Statistics database for this person.

Mary Ann G. Conte and the Clear List

Entries for MARY ANN GALLANT in my Scientology Statistics Project Clear List database:

Publine Publication Clear Number Location
Clear 5100 MARY ANN GALLANT, Albuquerque Auditor 119 5100 Albuquerque
6835 Mary Ann Reitze Auditor 150 6835
Clear 9618 MARYANN ALICE JACKSON Auditor 157 9618
Clear 10,746 MARYANNE DUBIN Auditor 157 10746
Clear 10,768 MARYANN LAMB Auditor 157 10768
Clear 10,826 MARYANNE ODONNEL Auditor 157 10826
Clear No. 12,535 MARY ANN DURHAM, Austin Auditor 159 12535 Austin
Clear No. 15,381 MARY ANN COPIA, Boston Auditor 160 15381 Boston
Clear No. 17,171 MARY ANN DUBIN, FCDC Auditor 163 17171 FCDC
19,405 MARY ANN GIBBART Auditor 164 19,405
20,187 MARY ANN CHAIT Auditor 164 20,187
Mary Anne Blevins 23129 Auditor 171 23129
Mary Ann Dilon 25487 Auditor 173 25487
Maryann O'Donnell 27739 Auditor 178 27739

Mary Ann G. Conte and Scientologist Online Sites

My database does not list a Scientologist Online cookie-cutter web site for this person.

Mary Ann G. Conte and WISE Directories

WISE, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, publishes directories listing their members.

Mary-Ann Ching appears in at least one WISE directory:

2001 WISE Directory :

Category: Construction
Mary-Ann Ching
Jines Construction Co., Ltd.
1f, No.67, Lane 11
Kwang-fun North Rd

Taipei,ROC J
Tel (+886)2-2769-2355
Fax (+886)2-2769-2116

2004 WISE Directory :

Category: Construction
Mary-Ann Ching
Jives Construction Co., Ltd.
1 F, No. 67, Lane 11
Kwang-Fun North Rd.

Taipei, ROC
Tel +886 22-769-2355
Fax +886 22-769-2116

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