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Maria De Santiago - Scientology Service Completions

Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.

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Ana Maria Candela
Ana Maria Gandella
Ana Maria Seidel
Anna Maria Seidel
Anna-Maria Seidel
Antonio De Maria
Brigitte Demaria
Devon Demaria
Dino Demaria
Maria A. Calderon
Maria Adele Cantu
Maria Antonieta Calderon
Maria Antonieta Calderon Lothar Erdtmann
Maria Antonieta De Villarreal
Maria C.B. De Umano
Maria Calderon
Maria Clara Correida de Lacerda
Maria Cristina Salinas De Gonzales
Maria Cristina Salinas DeGonzales
Maria De Bagnio
Maria de Compos
Maria de Jesus Ramos de Magdaleno
Maria de Jesus Thana
Maria de la Lux Garcia
Maria De La Luz
Maria De La Luz Garcia
Maria De La Rose
Maria De Landez Ferreira
Maria De Lourdes
Maria De Luz Garcia
Maria De Obaldia
Maria De Sanchez
Maria de Santiago
Maria DeBagno
Maria Del Bagno
Maria Del Banyo
Maria Del Bongo
Maria Del Francia
Maria del Pilar Gonzalez
Maria del Pilar Gonzalez M.
Maria Delaluz
Maria DelBagno
Maria Delcarmen
Maria DelFrancia
Maria Delgado
Maria Delgado-Walicki
Maria Denner
Maria Desrochers
Maria E. Del Blanco
Maria E. Delgado
Maria E. Fernandez
Maria El Valdes
Maria Elena y de Gil
Maria Elena Y. de Gil
Maria Eugenia Del Bianco
Maria Fedeli
Maria Federica Vercellino
Maria Filidei
Maria Graca de Ribiero
Maria Henderson
Maria Hernandez
Maria K. Decsy
Maria Lourdes
Maria Lourdes Collado
Maria Lourdes Hernandez
Maria Lourdes Montero
Maria Luisa Dezi
Maria Lusia Dezi
Maria Padella
Maria Rita Giardelli
Maria Rosa Dela Giovana
Maria Rosa Della Giovanna
Maria Rosa Gonzalez Madero
Maria Tamago De Sardi Leef
Maria Teresa de Child
Maria Teresa Fedeli
Maria Terrade
Maria Valdes
Maria Valdez
Mariadele Cantu
Marian Dennis
Marian Hernandez
Mariana B. Madero
Marianna Deleeuw
Marianne Saderlund
Marianne Sciortino Tadershuk
Marianne Tadeushuk
Rosa Maria Hernandez
Anna Maria Prevedello
Maria Decsy
Maria de Rocha
Maria Lordes Hernandez
Maria C. Burkholder
Maria De La Luz Peralta
Flor de Maria Zepeda
Maria Pia Mancin Gaudenzina
Massimo Plebani & Maria Adele Cantu
Maria Del Pilar Gutierrez Teixeira
Maria Del Socorro Hernandez Landeros
Maria Lourdes Perez Diaz
Maria De Jesus Ramos De M.
Rosa Maria Hernandez Martin
Maria Delcarmen Robledo Escribano
Maria Isabel De La Rosa
Maria Dernier
Ana Maria Prevedello
Maria Deluca
Maria Martinez de Perez
Marianne Pardee
Maria Del Carmen Quezada
Maria Bidegain
Maria Reyes de Trimmer
Maria Del Rosario
Maria Depperu
Maria Dei Rosario
Anna Maria De Gaetano
Maria De La Paz Chavez lslas
Maria Del Rosario Mosqueda Jimenez
Maria Mandelli
Maria Del Pilar Paez
Maria De Sousa
Rosa Maria Armas Hernandez
Maria De Jesus
Maria Del Carmen Arango
Maria Patricia Hernandez
Maria Fernandez De Gomez
Maria Victoria Bidegain
Maria De Gomez
Maria Salome Fernandez
Maria Del Socorro Lopez De Gonzalez
Maria Del Socorro Lopez Valdivia
Maria De La Paz Chavez Islas
Maria Cordero
Maria De Jesus Hernandez
Maria de la Paz Chavez
Marianna Mazzdeni
Maria Lourdes Castaneda
Bertha Maria Hernandez
Maria Ines Fernandez
Maria Del Rosario Perez Santos
Maria De Jesus Magdaleno
Maria Fernandez
Maria AcuÒa de los Angeles
Maria Hildegay Sanchez
Rodsyl Maria Vega-Aldebol
Maria Adele Cantu'
Maria Del Prado Villarubia
Mariano Marin Escudero
Maria Lourdes Hernandez Zuniga
Maria De La Luz Garcia De Breyer
Maria K. Decsy
Maria del Mar Garcia
Maria De Santiago
Maria Antonia Fernandez
Maria Victoria Bidegain
Maria Del Pilar Paez Leiva
Carla Mariana Guidetti
Maria Adele Cantu
Maria Fernandez
Maria del Prado Villarrubia
Maria Del Pilar
Jose Maria del Castillo
Marianna Agudello
Jose Maria Del Castillo
Maria del Pilar Paez
Maria De Cruz
Maria Hernandez Zuniga
Maria Ines Fernandez De Gomez
Maria Delores Proano
Mariano De Jess Penagos Ramos
Maria De La Paz Islas Vergaro
Maria Del Pilar Paez
Maria Del Socorro Lopez De Gonzalez
Anna Maria Prevedello
Rosa Maria Hernandez
Maria Delfina Guglielmelli
Maria Del Rosario Perez De Hodgkinson
Maria Eugenia Delgado Webb
Maria De Coudun
Ana Maria Bermudez
Maria Del Carmen Sandoval
Maria Mercedes Garcia Garcia
Maria Adele Cantù
Maria Lourdes Hernandez Zuniga
Maria Reyes de Trimmer
Maria De Los Acosta Torres
Maria Fernandez Gonzales
Maria Victoria Castro Hernandez
Jose Maria Cordero De Benito
Marian Esnoval Hernandez
Maria Del Rosario Limon
Maria del Rocio Mazonra Ceruantes
Maria del Rocio Mendez
Maria Cardenas
Maria Del Bagno
Maria Sanchez de Villarreal
Maria Fede Vercellino
Marian Esnoual Hernandez
Maria Clemencia Mendez
Maria De La Paz Islas
Maria Robles Balderas
Maria Lourdes Tenorio
Maria Rosa Depeccati
Jose Maria Cordero
Mariano Marin Escudero
Maria Nunez Cardenas
Maria del Rocio Alvarez Sanchez
Maria Valdes
Maria Denner
Marianne Helander
Maria De Jesus Padilla
Maria E. Valdes
Maria De Nicolo
Maria Elena del Toro Rodriguez
Maria De Lourdes Galvez
Maria Isabel Castillo Hernandez
Maria De Jesus Lopez Villa
Maria Del Carmen
Maria Isabel Martinez de Arena
Marian (Gildea) Taylor
Ana Maria Candela
Maria Isabel de Lince
Maria Patricia Pionzon de Ponnas
Luz Maria S. de Guerra
Denis Demaria
Maria de Rocha
Maria Lordes Hernandez
Maria La Federico
Maria Valdez
Rosa Maria Hernandez Martin
Maria De Los Angelines Cruz
Maria Del Rocio Alvarez Sanchez
Maria Mendez Auz
Maria De La Paz Islas Vergara
Maria Elena De Haro
Maria Federica Vercellino
Maria Contreras Mendez
Maria del Carmen Herrera
Maria Del Carmen Herrera

Maria De Santiago in Scientology's Published Service Completion Lists

The following 6 individual completions for Maria Terrade appear in official Scientology publications:
Name Variations Issuenum Approxdate
Maria Terrade NEW HUBBARD SOLO AUDITOR COURSE PART I Advance 139 1999-01-01
Maria Terrade SUCCESS THROUGH COMMUNICATION COURSE Celebrity 319 1999-06-01
Maria Terrade MARRIAGE COURSES Celebrity 319 1999-06-01
Maria Terrade HAPPINESS RUNDOWN Celebrity 339 2002-06-01
Maria Terrade STAFF STATUS I Celebrity 341 2002-09-01
Maria Terrade HAPPINESS RUNDOWN Celebrity 341 2002-09-01

Maria De Santiago in Scientology's Publications

No entries were found in my main Scientology Statistics database for this person.

Maria De Santiago and the Clear List

Entries for MARIANNE PARDEE in my Scientology Statistics Project Clear List database:

Publine Publication Clear Number Location
Clear 5075 MARIANNE PARDEE Auditor 119 5075
Clear 9014 MARIA DE LUCA Auditor 156 9014
Clear 10,734 MARIA DELGADO Auditor 157 10734
Clear NO. 15,456 MARIAN GILDEA TAYLOR AOLA Auditor 160 15456 AOLA
Clear No. 15,674 MARIANNE DE PAOLI, Denver Auditor 160 15674 Denver
Clear No. 16,311 MARIAN DENNIS, Twin Cities Auditor 163 16311 Twin Cities
Maria Isabel Martinez de Arena 23289 Auditor 171 23289
Marian (Gildea) Taylor 26722 Auditor 175 26722
Ana Maria Candela 27692 Auditor 178 27692
Maria Isabel de Lince 28212 Auditor 180 28212
Maria Patricia Pionzon de Ponnas 28256 Auditor 180 28256
Luz Maria S. de Guerra 28260 Auditor 180 28260
Denis Demaria 32589 Auditor 196 32589
Maria de Rocha Auditor 226
Maria Lordes Hernandez Auditor 254
Maria La Federico Auditor 260
Maria Valdez Auditor 290

Maria De Santiago and Scientologist Online Sites

Maria Terrade had a Scientologist Online cookie-cutter web site.

The link was:

Note: The individual cookie-cutter websites have been taken down, and those links now redirect to the main Scientology site.

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Maria De Santiago and WISE Directories

WISE, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, publishes directories listing their members.

Maria Lourdes Perez Din appears in at least one WISE directory:

2001 WISE Directory :

Category: Computer Software
Maria Lourdes Perez Din
Av. Fco. Miranda
Edf. Seguros La Paz, Ofc. N-32

La California, Caracas
Tel. (+58) 2-235-1455
Fax (+58) 2-238-7442
E-Mail: lperez@[provider]

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