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Mari Ann Lind - Scientology Service Completions

Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.

Please read About These Lists for more information.

The following names may match the name in your search:

Ann Marie Adelard
Ann Marie Bjorn
Ann Marie Castin
Ann Marie Gallagher
Ann Marie Hegemann
Ann Marie McBride
Ann Marie Urbanek
Ann Marie Waurek
Ann-Marie Barbier
Ann-Marie McBride
Anna Maria Azzini
Anna Maria Biondi
Anna Maria Bulgarini
Anna Maria Calvanese
Anna Maria Costa
Anna Maria Cozzetto
Anna Maria Korsch
Anna Maria Losurdo
Anna Maria Maisto
Anna Maria Maistro
Anna Maria Manna
Anna Maria Poubil
Anna Maria Seidel
Anna Maria Viglianco
Anna Marie Adelard
Anna Marie Bernstein
Anna Marie Di Santi
Anna Marie DiSante
Anna Marie Gallagher
Anna Marie Koller
Anna- Maria Poubil
Anna-Maria Cozzetto
Anna-Maria Poubil
Anna-Maria Seidel
Annamaria Ficzus
Annamaria Giovannetti
Annamaria Losurdo
Annamaria Maisto
Annamaria Mandioni
Annamaria Orlandi
Anne Marie Adelard
Anne Marie Barbier
Anne Marie Bellman
Anne Marie Castin
Anne Marie Edlund
Anne Marie Emmenecker
Anne Marie Gumy
Anne Marie Hagermann
Anne Marie Jackman
Anne Marie Marino
Anne Marie Salling
Anne Marie Sonneveld
Anne Marie Thebault
Anne-Marie Adelard
Anne-Marie Emmenecker
Anne-Marie Gumy
Anne-Marie Lake
Anne-Marie Marino
Anne-Marie Sonneveld
Anne-Marie Thebault
Annemaria Bauer
AnneMarie Adelard
Annemarie Bauer
Annemarie Van Dijk
Annie Marie Adelard
Deanne Marie Jaedicke
Elena Maria Guzman Hillmann
Is Marianne L. Ditko
Ivannia Santamaria
Mari Ann Lind
Mari-Ann Lind
Mari-Anne Lind
Maria Anne Lind
Maria Antonieta Calderon Lothar Erdtmann
Maria Ginvanna Ponchietti
Maria Giovanna
Maria Giovanna Ponchetti
Maria Giovanna Ponchietti
Maria Giovanni Ponchietti
Maria R. D. Giovanna
Maria Rosa Della Giovanna
Maria-Giovanna Ponchietti
Mariann Beck
Mariann Nemec
Mariann Pokoraczki
Mariann Upton
Marianna Alltorfer
Marianna Altorfer
Marianna Deleeuw
Marianna Elliot
Marianna Elliott
Marianna Gamboa
Marianna Jacobz
Marianna Kovacs
Marianna Madison
Marianna Santos
Marianne Aagaard
Marianne Al Khudrin
Marianne Altorfer
Marianne Beck
Marianne Beeh
Marianne Blobaum
Marianne Burke
Marianne C. Burke
Marianne Carroll
Marianne Centon
Marianne Colomb
Marianne Colombo
Marianne Creola
Marianne D'Amato
Marianne Ditko
Marianne Earl
Marianne Elliott
Marianne Frei
Marianne Fritsch
Marianne Fritschi
Marianne G. Fenton
Marianne Garatti
Marianne Genton
Marianne Gladich-Rucker
Marianne Gladych-Rucker
Marianne Gollwitzer
Marianne Good
Marianne Granica
Marianne Gubeli
Marianne Gubli
Marianne Hansen
Marianne Harvey
Marianne Hawsen
Marianne Heller
Marianne Heller-Seitz
Marianne Holm
Marianne Jolier
Marianne Joller
Marianne Kailsson
Marianne Karlson
Marianne Karlsson
Marianne Kessler
Marianne Kessler-Rossini
Marianne Khudrin
Marianne L. Ditko
Marianne Levba
Marianne Locke
Marianne Louce
Marianne Massanneck
Marianne Massannedi
Marianne Mattingly
Marianne Mattlingly
Marianne Meschi
Marianne Meschi-Lore
Marianne Miiller
Marianne Mueller
Marianne Muller
Marianne Nety
Marianne O'Donnell
Marianne Olsen
Marianne Olson
Marianne Pavillac
Marianne Perrier
Marianne Pritchard
Marianne Ramme
Marianne Rety
Marianne Rossini
Marianne Rowell
Marianne Rudin
Marianne Ruprecht
Marianne Ryland
Marianne Saderlund
Marianne Sciortino Tadershuk
Marianne Seitz
Marianne Sirtl
Marianne Skok
Marianne Soher
Marianne Soll
Marianne Stahl Hansen
Marianne Stracener
Marianne Tadeushuk
Marianne Urbanus
Marianne Wessel
Marianne Younger
Marianni Muller
Marie Anne Hunter
Marie C. Lehmann
Marie Wanner
Marie-Christine Lehmann
Marie-Therese Wanner
Marieanne Meschi
Marietherese Meili-Portmann
Marina Moianna
Mario Della Giovanna
Mario Ianniuzzello
Mario Manna
Marion Lindemann
Marisa Mann
Marit Eisenmann
Marizio Della Giovanna
Rosa Maria La Canna
Rosemarie Hoffmann
Rosemarie Lohmann
Rosemarie Lohmann-Studer
Ute Marianne Jšstel
Anne Marie Nitsche
Anne-Marie Nitsche
Annemarie Bellman
Anna Marie Nitsche
Anna Maria Prevedello
Annalisa Marinoni
Anna Lisa Marinoni
Jeanne Maricette
Jeanne Marie Roshar
Marie-Annick Robert
Mariann Nagy
Maria Banniza
Maria Neumann
Marianne T. Goyette
Marianne Gladych
Marianne Jacobs
Marianna Gonzalez
Marianne Rucker
Marianne Grannica
Marianne Struk
Marianna Nagy
Marianne Lopez
Marie Bannon
Anne Marie McBride
Anne Marie Scoarnec
Ignacio Garcia & Maria Giovanna Ponchietti
Marianne Cr?ola
Robert & Marianne Granica
Anna Marie Disanti
Marianne Soell
Nora Ann Marino
Nora Ann Marion
Marianne Waser
Anna Maria Azzim
Anne Marie Gumy-Klaus
Marietheres Meili Portmann
Annamaria Musciola
Marie Jeanne Haesendonckx
Frederic & Marielle Grossmann
Andreas & Marianne Altheimer
Marianne & Thomas Frei
Patrice & Marianne Willemin
Richard Rucker & Marianne Gladych
Anna Maria Trainer
Ann Marie Auburn
Maria Giovanna Becchetti
Marianna Mazzoleni
Marie theres Meili-Portmann
Marianne Fogelstroem
Marianne Altheimer
Marianne Coeola
Marie-Anne Pasturel
Ann Maria Tijero
Anna Maria Tijero
Marianna Grant
Suzanne Mariotti
Marion Altermann
Marianne Bafile
Marianne Coenen
Anna-Maria Kaufman
Maria Newmann
Anna-Maria Olsen
Marianne Pardee
Marianne Paul
Marianne Pearson
Marianne Perhach
Anna Marie Reid
Marianne Urbanas
Anna-Marie Fischman
Anna Maria Pallares
Anna Maria Glab
Marianna Franzoni
Anna Maria De Gaetano
Anna Marie Degaetans
Marianna Tar
Anna Maria Meloni
Marina Hohmann
Anne-Marie Castin
Marie Neumann
Annamaria Cozzetto
Anna Maria Sanchez
Anna Marie Harms
Anne Marie Marc
Annamaria Meazza
Marianna Klipinitser
Marielle Grossmann
Marianne Nagy
Marianne Willemin
Ann-Marie Thebault
Marianna Mazzdeni
Anna Maria Granziera
Marianna Jacobsz
Mario Iannuzziello
Anne Marie Joanes
Marino Colanna
Marianna Gerasymenko
Marianne Baer
Marianne Blebaum
Marianne Bloebaum
Marianne Mueller
Anne Marie Sonneveld
Maria Neumann
Marianne Kessler
Anne-Marie Castin
Anna Marie Di Santi
Marianna Klipinitser
Marianne Blebaum
Marianne Bloebaum
Marianna Nevstrueva
Jeanne-Marie Lane
Marianne Fogelstrom
Anna Maria Osnati
Annamaria Cirke
Marianna Tar
Marianne Altheimer
Annemarie Koella
Marianna Gottwald
Anna Maria Cozzetto
Annamaria Granziera
Anna Maria Cirke
Anna Maria Gravante
Mario Iannuzzello
Marianne Muller
Mari-Ann Lind
Marianne Bulbuck
Marianne Ditko
Marianne D'amato
Marianne Gollwitzer
Marianna Agudello
Marianne Baer
Marianne Diaz
Mario Iannuzziello
Marianna Baglioni
Anna Maria Prevedello
Mari Ann Lind
Marion Lindemann
Anne Marie Scoarnec
Marianna Giorcelli
Mariann Nagy
Anna-Maria Poubil
Anna Maria Santiago
Marie-Annick Robert
Marianne Willemin
Marianna Nagy
Anne-Marie Lake
Marianne Lower
Marielle Grossmann
Maria Giovanna Malaspina
Mariann Tar
Marianne Carter
Marianne Müller
Annalisa Marinoni
Maria Giovanna Becchetti
Marilyn Ann Brown
Marianna Trofimova
Anna Maria Poubil
Marianna Gerasimenko
Marianna Mazzoleni
Anne Marie Marcellino
Marianne Rossini
Marianne Aagaard
Marianne Granica
Mariagiovanna Malaspina
Marianne Fogelstrøm
Zsofia Marianna Mohos
Marianna Nunn
Annemarie Lake
Anne Marie Joannes
Anne-Marie Sonneveld
Anna-Maria Santiago
Marianna Mester
Marianne Helander
Anne-Marie Henry
Rita Marianna Szabo
Marianne Coenen
Marianna Damiani
Marianne Creola
Anne-Marie Cleal
Annemarie Kölla
Anne-Maris Cleal
Marianne Alkhudri
Marianne Bumberger
Anne Marie Smit
Marianne Gloria Urbonas
Anna-Marie Barthel
Annamaria Fontini
Marianne Frei
Marianne Saatrup
Anne Marie Marino
Marianne Olsen
Ann-Marie Thebault
Marianne D'Amato Marburger
Marianne Meschi
Andreas & Marianne Altheimer
Anna Maria Azzini
Anne Marie Gumy-Klaus
Annamaria Musciola
Marietheres Meili Portmann
Marianne D'Amato
Anne Marie Castin
Julianne Marie Boudreaux
Annemarie Sonneveld
Marianna Mueller
Adrianna Marin
Marianne Gerasymenko
Anne-Marie Ackermann
Maria Giovanna Bechetti

Mari Ann Lind in Scientology's Published Service Completion Lists

The following 51 individual completions for Maria Antonieta Calderon Lothar Erdtmann appear in official Scientology publications:
Name Variations Issuenum Approxdate
Maria Antonieta Calderon Lothar Erdtmann FALSE PURPOSE RUNDOWN Source 48 1985-08-01
Marie C. Lehmann NEW OT IV Source 64 1988-11-01
Marietherese Meili-Portmann ROUTE TO INFINITY Freewinds 2 1990-04-01
Marietherese Meili-Portmann TIME TRACK OF THETA Freewinds 3 1990-08-01
Marisa Mann SCIENTOLOGY ACADEMY LEVEL II Source 76 1991-09-01
Marion Lindemann ROUTE TO INFINITY COURSE Freewinds 25 1997-10-01
Marion Lindemann PRO TRS COURSE Source 143 2003-02-01
Marie-Christine Lehmann FPRD 2D FORM Auditor UK 304 2003-06-01
Marie-Christine Lehmann PROGRESS PROGRAM Auditor UK 304 2003-06-01
Marie-Christine Lehmann FPRD 2D FORM Auditor UK 309 2003-06-01
Marie-Christine Lehmann PROGRESS PROGRAM Auditor UK 309 2003-06-01
Marie-Christine Lehmann END OF ENDLESS INT RUNDOWN Auditor UK 321 2004-09-01
Marit Eisenmann RECENT NEW OT VIII COMPLETIONS Freewinds 54 2004-10-01
Marie-Christine Lehmann END OF ENDLESS INT RUNDOWN Auditor UK 322 2004-11-01
Marie-Christine Lehmann PROGRESS PROGRAM Auditor UK 322 2004-11-01
Maria Neumann ARC STRAIGHTWIRE AUDITING Celebrity 363 2004-12-01
Marion Lindemann STATE OF MAN CONGRESS COURSE Freewinds 59 2005-09-01
Maria Neumann GRADE 0 COMMUNICATIONS RELEASE Celebrity 370 2005-12-01
Maria Neumann GRADE I PROBLEMS RELEASE Celebrity 370 2005-12-01
Maria Neumann GRADE II RELIEF RELEASE Celebrity 372 2006-02-01
Maria Neumann GRADE III FREEDOM RELEASE Celebrity 372 2006-02-01
Maria Neumann GRADE IV ABILITY RELEASE Celebrity 372 2006-02-01
Maria Neumann MARRIAGE COURSES Celebrity 376 2006-06-01
Maria Neumann DYNAMIC SORT-OUT ASSESSMENT Source 186 2006-12-01
Marion Lindemann SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL COURSE Advance Europe 172 2007-10-01
Marion Lindemann SELF ANALYSIS COURSE Advance Europe 172 2007-10-01
Marion Lindemann ADVANCE PROCEDURE AND AXIOMS COURSE Advance Europe 172 2007-10-01
Marielle Grossmann ADVANCED PROCEDURE & AXIOMS BOOK & LECTURES Advance UK 191 2008-09-01
Marielle Grossmann NEW OT IV Advance UK 191 2008-09-01
Marina Hohmann HUBBARD PROFESSIONAL TR COURSE Source 216 2011-08-01
Maria Neumann L 12 FLAG OT EXECUTIVE RUNDOWN Source 216 2011-08-01
Marie Neumann L 10 RUNDOWN Source 216 2011-08-01
Maria Neumann SOLO AUDITOR COURSE PART II Advance 222 2013-10-01
Maria Neumann OT ELIGIBILITY Advance 222 2013-10-01
Maria Neumann GRADE VI R6EW Advance 222 2013-10-01
Maria Neumann STATE OF CLEAR Advance 225 2014-04-01
Maria Neumann NEW OT I Advance 225 2014-04-01
Maria Neumann OT II Advance 225 2014-04-01
Maria Neumann OT III Advance 226 2014-06-01
Maria Neumann NEW OT IV Advance 226 2014-06-01
Maria Neumann NEW OT V Advance 226 2014-06-01
Marielle Grossmann OT® ELIGIBILITY Source 248 2017-09-01
Marielle Grossmann ADVANCED SOLO AUDITOR COURSE Source 249 2017-11-01
Marielle Grossmann OT® ELIGIBILITY Source 250 2018-02-01
Marion Lindemann SOLO AUDITOR COURSE PART II Advance EU 54 1 2022-03-01
Marion Lindemann OT® ELIGIBILITY Advance EU 54 1 2022-03-01
Marion Lindemann OT I Advance EU 54 1 2022-03-01
Marion Lindemann OT II Advance EU 54 1 2022-03-01
Marion Lindemann OT III Advance EU 54 1 2022-03-01

Mari Ann Lind in Scientology's Publications

The following 6 mentions of Marietheres Meili Portmann appear in official Scientology publications:
Marietheres Meili Portmann Honor Roll of the IAS Impact 102 2002-12-01
Marion Lindemann Sponsors for Total Freedom Impact 102 2002-12-01
Marietheres Meili Portmann Honor Roll of the IAS Impact 105 2003-09-01
Marie theres Meili-Portmann Honor Roll Impact 114 2006-09-01
Maria Newmann All Clears in the United States From Clear to Eternity Newsletter 2006 2006-11-01
Marion Altermann All Clears in the United States From Clear to Eternity Newsletter 2006 2006-11-01

Mari Ann Lind and the Clear List

Entries for MARIANNE PARDEE in my Scientology Statistics Project Clear List database:

Publine Publication Clear Number Location
Clear 5075 MARIANNE PARDEE Auditor 119 5075
Clear 5506 MARIE BANNON, Sacramento Auditor 127 5506 Sacramento
6460 Marianne Alkhudri Auditor 150 6460
7021 Marianne Bumberger Auditor 150 7021
7083 Anne Marie Smit Auditor 150 7083
7214 Marianne Gloria Urbonas Auditor 150 7214
Clear 7214 MARIANNE URBONAS Auditor 154 7214
Clear 8706 ANNA MARIE BERNSTEIN Auditor 154 8706
Clear No. 11,990 MARIANNE GLADYCH, New York Auditor 158 11990 New York
Clear No. 15,674 MARIANNE DE PAOLI, Denver Auditor 160 15674 Denver
Clear No. 15,708 ANN MARIE OPREA, AOLA Auditor 160 15708 AOLA
Clear No. 16,074 MARIANNE S. GARGON, Detroit Auditor 162 16074 Detroit
Clear No. 16,474 JOANNE MARIE FELTIS, Vancouver Auditor 163 16474 Vancouver
20,004 ANNA-MARIA KAUFFMAN Auditor 164 20,004
Anna-Marie Barthel 32595 Auditor 196 32595
Annamaria Fontini 32656 Auditor 196 32656
Marianne Frei Auditor 212
Marianne Saatrup Auditor 242
Anne Marie Marino Auditor 246
Marianne Granica Auditor 258
Marianne Olsen Auditor 294
Marianne Olsen Auditor 295

Mari Ann Lind and Scientologist Online Sites

My database does not list a Scientologist Online cookie-cutter web site for this person.

Mari Ann Lind and WISE Directories

WISE, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, publishes directories listing their members.

Mariann Nagy appears in at least one WISE directory:

2001 WISE Directory :

Category: Individual Professional
Mariann Nagy
Logoplanet Bt.
Kalvaria u. 31.

9700 Szombathely
Tel. (+36) 309-012-509

E-Mail: nagymari@[provider].hu

2001 WISE Directory :

Category: Publishing
Marianna Sass
Impress Media Kft.
Asztalos u. 5-7.
1087 Budapest, Hungary

1087 Budapest
Tel. (+36) 1-210-6583
Fax (+36) 1-210-6582
E-Mail: impress@[provider]

2004 WISE Directory :

Category: Individual Professional
Marianna Nevstrueva
Kashirskoye Shosse, 29-2

142040 Domodedovo Moscow
Tel. +7 095-507-5942
Fax +7 095-751-8469

2004 WISE Directory :

Category: Sales
Marianna Kirianova
Symex Group
Shmitovsky 3/2

123100 Moscow
Tel. +7 095-205-4990

E-Mail: symex_moscow@[provider].ru

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