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Jo Anne Van Der Poel - Scientology Service Completions

Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.

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The following names may match the name in your search:

Anneliese Jost
Annette Johnson
Annette Jonsson
Aster Johannes
Bill Johannesson
Gabriele Wanner Major
Hanne Jorgensen
Janne Bjork
Jean J. Jovanneaux
Jean Jacques Jouanneaux
Jean Jacques Jovanneaux
Jo Anne Beachy
Jo Anne Childress
Jo Anne Childress Dumain
Jo Anne Christensen
Jo Anne Killeen
Jo Anne Linsell
Jo Anne Palmer
Jo Anne Sprague
Jo-Anne Bean
Jo-Anne Palmer
Joanne Aprea
Joanne Bailey
Joanne Baker
Joanne Barnard
Joanne Barnes
JoAnne Beachy
JoAnne Bean
Joanne Beaubein
Joanne Beaubien
Joanne Bergmann
Joanne Bucher
Joanne Byrd
Joanne Cali
Joanne Carrier
Joanne Childress
JoAnne Christensen
Joanne Cook
Joanne Daly
Joanne DiVito
Joanne Dozier
Joanne E. Nastasi
Joanne E. Wright
Joanne Fen
Joanne Forsythe
Joanne G. Cali
JoAnne Gail Bean
Joanne Gamette
Joanne Gould
Joanne Grace Cali
Joanne Grammette
Joanne Griffin
Joanne Gropper
Joanne Harder
Joanne Hsu
Joanne Johnson
Joanne Jovio
Joanne Killeen
Joanne Kleiderman
Joanne Liang
Joanne Linsell
Joanne Lotz
Joanne M. Shields
Joanne Madigan
Joanne Makris
Joanne McCullagh
Joanne McGuire
Joanne Nared
Joanne Nastasi
Joanne Novak
Joanne Nowak
Joanne Odowichuk
Joanne Pierce
Joanne Portner
Joanne Pucci
Joanne Schnitzer
Joanne Schutzler
Joanne Shelby
Joanne Smith
Joanne Takano
Joanne Terbush
Joanne Tod
Joanne Trimberger
Joanne Voitenko
Joanne Vollum
Joanne Watson
Joanne Wheaton
Joanne White
Joanne Whiteman
Joanne Whitman
Joanne Yamada
Joanne Yang
Joanne Yared
JoAnne Zinke
Johanne La Vita
Johanne LaBelle
Johanne Lacombe
Johanne Plourde
Johanne Pokorny
Johannes Boppel
Johannes Demeler
Johannes Herhammer
Johannes Krewer
Johannes L. Spickermann
Johannes Pfaff
Johannes Pokorny
Johannes Praun
Johannes Rasp
Johannes Rodin
Johannes Silli
Johannes Spickermann
Joleen Anne LeRoux
Josef Wanner
Josianne Holliger
Josianne Hollinger
Lisa Johanneson
Marianne Jolier
Marianne Joller
Rejeanne Johnson
Rejianne Johnson
Robert Johannes
Stinne Danneskjold
Suzanne F. Johnson
Suzanne Johnson
Doranne Jory
Geri Anne Aranjo
Joanne S. Wheaton
Joe Ranney
Joanne Albert
Joanne Winer
Joanne Christiansen
Joanne Gamete
Joanne Purtell
JoAnne Palmer
Jo Anne Shonefelt
Joanne Young
Joanne Walmsly
Joanne Walmsley
Joanne Schmitt
Johannes Stoke
Jean-Jacques Jouanneaux
Jo-Anne Bogias
Annette & Doug Josson
Joanne Takano Nermon
Johannes Peter Teutsch
Joanne V. Johnson
Johannes Zarge
Johanne Lagace & Yvon Gelinas
Joanne Cali & Chuck Prenner
Martin Dumain & Jo Anne Childress
Annette & Doug Jonsson
Joanne M. Wheaton
Joanne S. Beachy
Joanne R. Monaco
Chris & Joanne Woodhead
Joanne Goulbourne
Leigh Anne Dearaujo
Joanne Natasi
Joanne Cregan
Joanne Dipaolo
Joanne Hinojosa
Joanne List
Joanne Mc Kay
Joanne Nelson
Joanne Pick
Joanne Sarros
Joanne Segal
Joanne Yomado
Josianne Bourreau
Josianne Boureau
Joanne Marolda
Joanne Szaszkiewicz
Joanne Burbello
Joanne (Yung-An) Tsai
Joanne Vestey
Joanne Humphrey
Joanne Burbelo
Joanne Beeninga
Jo-Anne van der Poel
Joanne Van Der Poel
Joanne Thompson
Joanne Lagace
Joanne Weston
Lisa Johannesson
Anne Marie Joanes
Joanne Gentile
Lin-Chih Joanne Hsu
Joanne Michaux
Joanne Thompson
Joanne Gentile
Lin-Chih Joanne Hsu
Joanne Beachy
Joanne Gould
Johannes Rudert
Chi-Min (Joanne) Yang
Johannes Ott
Joanne Humphrey
Johannes Silli
Joanne Pucci
Joanne Schnitzer
Annette Jonsson
Joanne Beeninga
Johannes Rasp
Joanne Lagace
Joanne Lagrace
Joanne Bessey
Joanne Lagacé
Johannes Paul
Leighanne Dearaujo
LieghAnne Dearaujo
LeighAnne Dearraujo
LeighAnne Dearaujo
Erin Joanne Way
Joanne Wheaton
Joanne Fraser
Joanne Nastasi
Jo-Anne Van Der Poel
Joanne Campbell
Jean-Jacques Jouanneaux
Johanne Plourde
Josianne Heddle
Anne Marie Joannes
S. Dianne Jordon
Joanne Morrison
Jolie Anne Morris
Anneliese Jost
Joanne Thomson
Joanne Byrd
Joanne Woodhead
Trine Danneskjold
Joanne Woodruff
Joanne Gropper
Jo Anne Ryan
Joanne Terbush
Joanne Cregan
Joanne Christensen
Joanne Pollock
Johannes Pokorny
Joanne E. Nastasi
Joanne Weston
Joseph Scannell
Joseph Raymond & Suzanne Mallet Family
Johannes Praun

Jo Anne Van Der Poel in Scientology's Publications

No entries were found in my main Scientology Statistics database for this person.

Jo Anne Van Der Poel and the Clear List

Entries for JOANNE THOMPSON in my Scientology Statistics Project Clear List database:

Publine Publication Clear Number Location
Clear 6316 JOANNE THOMPSON, Toronto Auditor 143 6316 Toronto
6476 Trine Danneskjold Auditor 150 6476
6874 Joanne Woodruff Auditor 150 6874
7224 Joanne Gropper Auditor 150 7224
Clear 6607 JOANNE KLEIDERMAN Auditor 154 6607
Clear 7224 JOANNE GROPPER Auditor 154 7224
Clear 9226 JO ANNE TANNO Auditor 156 9226
Clear 10,815 JOANNE HEMPHILL Auditor 157 10815
Clear 11,726 JOANNE CHRISTIANSEN Auditor 157 11726
Clear No. 11,726 JOANNE CHRISTIANSEN, Phoenix Auditor 158 11726 Phoenix
Clear No. 12,628 JOHANNE VALCOURT, Montreal Auditor 159 12628 Montreal
Clear No. 15,268 JOANNE VOLTENKO, AOLA Auditor 160 15268 AOLA
Clear No. 15,696 JOANNE MOISSIADES, NYO Auditor 160 15696 NYO
Clear No. 16,474 JOANNE MARIE FELTIS, Vancouver Auditor 163 16474 Vancouver
Clear No. 16,938 JOANNE BYRD, RPF WUS Auditor 163 16938 RPF WUS
Jo Anne Ryan 22965 Auditor 169 22965
Joanne Terbush 25383 Auditor 172 25383
Joanne Cregan 29847 Auditor 182 29847
Joanne Christensen 19552 Auditor 183 19552
Joanne Schnitzer 24124 Auditor 184 24124
Joanne Pollock 26221 Auditor 186 26221
Johannes Pokorny Auditor 242
Joanne E. Nastasi Auditor 245

Jo Anne Van Der Poel and Scientologist Online Sites

My database does not list a Scientologist Online cookie-cutter web site for this person.

Jo Anne Van Der Poel and WISE Directories

WISE, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, publishes directories listing their members.

Joanne Carabasi appears in at least one WISE directory:

2001 WISE Directory :

Category: Chiropractic
Joanne Carabasi
Carabasi Chiropractic Center
6 E. Main St.

Marlton, NJ 08053-2157
United States
Tel. (1) 609-983-3373
Fax (1) 609-983-0959
E-Mail: jcaarabusi@[provider].com

2001 WISE Directory :

Category: Consultants in LRH Management Tech
Johannes Praun
J. Praun Management Training
Weissdornweg 14

1180 Vienna
Tel (+43) 31-470-3484
Fax (+43) 43-147-3415

2001 WISE Directory :

Category: Signage
Johannes Van Den Bosch
J. VD Bosch Vof
Kam. Onnesweg 37

3316 Gk Dordrecht
Tel. (+31) 78-651-0506
Fax (+31) 78-618-5371

2004 WISE Directory :

Category: Consultants in LRH Management Tech
Johannes Praun
J. Praun Management Training
Weissdornweg 14

1180 Vienna
Tel. +43 31 470-3484
Fax +43 47 034-8415
E-Mail: office@[provider].at

2004 WISE Directory :

Category: Individual Professional
Jos Banners
Amad Id
Zenderweg 6

6301 Valkenburg Rg

2004 WISE Directory :

Category: Individual Professional
Joseph Scannell
Scannell, Joseph
604 Alemeda de Laspulgas

San Mateo, CA 94402
United States

2004 WISE Directory :

Category: Transportation
Joanne Gould
7837-115A Street

Delta, BC V4C 5R4
Tel. +1 604-599-9908

E-Mail: ibis@[provider]

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