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I Chun (anita) Chen - Scientology Service Completions

Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.

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The following names may match the name in your search:

Charlie Chung
Ching Min Chung
Ching-Min Chung
Chu Chun Wei
Chun Hui Huang
Chun-Huei Tsao
Chun-Hui Huang
Chun-Hui Wang
Chun-Jen Chin
Chun-Mei Chen
Chung Shu Liu
Elvira Cuchuni
Fannie Chung
Hui-Hsuan Chung
Kevin Chun-Kuei
Maggie Chung
Pei Chun Shi
Sabine Chung
Viviana Chunin
Wilbur Chun
Yi Chun Lin
Chun-Ming Yang
Chun-Hsu Lin
Chun Chin Wang
Han Yi Chung
Hsiao-Chun Tseng
Pei Chung Hsu
Chung Chieh Kuo
Min-Yin Chung
The Hakkas Chung Family
Yu-Chun (Irene) Lin
Wen-Chun Liu Oberg
Terry Yi-Chun Hsiao
Benjamin Chung
I-Chun Chen
Chung-Fei Winnie Cheng
Chu-Chun Judy Wei
Chun-Han Li
Tzi-Chi Chung
Han-Yi Chung
Yi Chun Chen
Yi-Ling Chung
Chun-Liang Lin
Peggy (Pei-Chun) Huang
Chun-Ting Chen
Shih-Chung Chen
Jessica (Chun-huei)
Mei Chun Li
Stephanie Chung
Chun-Chin Wang
Chien-Chun Wang
Chun-Liang Kuo
Chien-Chung Chien
Huang-Wu Chun-Yin
Chun-Yin Wendy Huang-Wu
Chun-Jin Judy Wu
Wei-Lin Chung
Chun-Wei (Andy) Huang
Huang, Chun-Wei (Andy)
Lai, Peng-Chun (Esther)
Chia-Yu Lin Chien-Chung Chien
Chun-Yin Judy Huang Wu
Yu-Chun Lin
Mei-Chun Lily Lin
Chung-Chieh Huang
Chun-Yi (James) Li
Chun-Yi Lee
Yu-Chun (Jennifer) Wu
Wei-Chung Chen
Chung-Chieh Kuo
Chung-Kang Liu
Chung-Chieh Nicole Kuo
Peng-Chun Lai
Yu-Chun Daisy Lee
Hanyi Chung
Chun-Chui Wang
Chun Hui Lee
Chun-Ying Wu
Chih-Chung Yang
Han-Yi Chungy
I-Chun (Anita) Chen
Chung-Chieh Cheri Huang
Chun-Yu Tsai
Tzi Chi Connor Chung
Chun-Min Chen
Pei-Chun Huang
Pei-Chun Liu
Stephanie Chung
Terry Yi-Chun Hsiao
Wen-Chun Liu Oberg
Hanyi Chung
Chun-Ying Wu
Chih-Chung Yang
Han-Yi Chungy
I-Chun (Anita) Chen
Yu-Chun Daisy Lee
Chung-Chieh Kuo
Yi-Chung Tsai
Chun-Hui Wang
Yu-Chun (Daisy) Lee
Yi-Chung (Edward) Tsai
Kai-Chun (Scott) Hsu
Chun-Chieh (David) Chang
Chi-Thanh Chung
Chi-Huy Chung
Pei-Chun (Daisy) Hsieh
Chung-Chih Chen
Kuan-Chung (Alex) Lai
Wei-Lin (William) Chung
Yi-Chun (Michell) Hsieh
Wei-Lin Chung
Chung-Chieh Huang
I-Chun Chen
Chun-Kuei Lin
Chun-Wei Hsu
I-Chung Chen
Chun-Wei (Sam) Hsu
Chun-Yi (James) Li
Chung-Kai Cheng
Chun-Lin Yao
Hui-Chunh Cheng
Pei-Chun Hsieh
Chun-Liang Lin
Chun-Ting Chen
Hao-Chun Wei
Chung-Yi Lee
Chun-Chi Chen
Yin-Chun Huang
Chun-Mei Amy Huang
Po-Chun Lin
Wei-Ju Chung
Chun-Huei Wang
Liang-Chun Chen
Chun-Min Chen
Pei-Chun Daisy Hsieh
Pei-Chun Liu
Chun-Hao Hsiao
Shang-Hsi Chung
Chung-Mei Tsai
Zi-Chi (Connor) Chung
Pei-Chun (Peggy) Huang
Chun-Mei Hsu
Chun-Hsu (Tim) Teng
Chien-Chung Chien
Chun-Hsu Tim Teng
Maggie Chung
Chun-Tzu (Lily) Hsieh
Yi-Ling Chung
Pei-Chun Chen
Jocelyn Yi Chun Chen
Chun Hui Lee
Chun-Ming Yang
Chi Thanh Chung
Yi-Chun (Stephanie) Tsai
Tzu-Yi Chung
Peng-Chun Lai
Hsiao-Chun Tseng
Chun-Hui Huang
Chung Chieh Huang
Yi-Chun (Jean) Chen
Chung-Ming Dylan Kuo
Yi-Lin Chung
Hsiao-Lin Chung
Pei-Chuan Chung
Yi-Chun Yeh
Kai-Chun Chang
Kai-Chun Hsu
Li-Chun Huang
Wei-Ling Chung
Chia-Ying Chung
Chung-Kang Liu
Chun-Hao Miller Hsiao
I-Chun Anita Chen
Hui Chun Ku
Farette Chunning
Ming-Chun Chen
William (Chung-Yi) Lee
Grace (Wei-Chun) Shan
Christine (Chun-Yu) Chuang
Kitty Chung
Peggy Pei-Chun Huang
Jillian Hui-Chun Kon
Chun-Mei (Amy) Huang
Pei-Chun Tsai
Yi-Chun Tsai
Chun Wai Kwan
Li-Lain Chung
Chung-Min Huo
Vigandas Pikchunas
Wei-Chun Shan
Chun-Chiao Chang
Hui Hsuan Chung
The Yi-Wen Fang & Hsin-Chung Lan Family
Chun-Hsiu Wu
Yi-Wen Chung
Chun-Hsiu Kevin Wu
Liu Chun Liang
Catherine Chung
Jilian Hui-Chun Kon
Kai-Chun Chen
Han-Yi Chung
Wilbur Chun
Chung-Wei Lu
Pei-Jung Chung

I Chun (anita) Chen in Scientology's Publications

No entries were found in my main Scientology Statistics database for this person.

I Chun (anita) Chen and the Clear List

Entries for WILBUR CHUN in my Scientology Statistics Project Clear List database:

Publine Publication Clear Number Location
Clear No. 15,309 WILBUR CHUN, Hawaii Auditor 160 15309 Hawaii
Chun Wai Kwan 22855 Auditor 168 22855
Maggie Chung Auditor 305

I Chun (anita) Chen and Scientologist Online Sites

My database does not list a Scientologist Online cookie-cutter web site for this person.

I Chun (anita) Chen and WISE Directories

WISE, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, publishes directories listing their members.

My database does not list this person in the WISE directories in my archives.

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