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Ed Ward - Scientology Service Completions

Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.

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The following names may match the name in your search:

Adrian Edwards
Allan Edwards
Allen Edwards
Anthony Brian Edwards
Anthony Edwards
Carlton Edwards
Charlene Edwards
Christen Edwards
Christin Edwards
Christine Edwards
Darin Edward Read
Debbie Edwards
Deborah Edwards
Don Edwards
Dorin Edward Read
Dr. David Edward Foster
Dr. Harold Edwards
Dr. Harold G. Edwards
Dr. Harold Glen Edwards
Edith Steward
Edward Andrewson
Edward B Jones
Edward B. Johnson
Edward B. Jones
Edward Becker
Edward Beichtal
Edward Brotherton
Edward Bryan
Edward Burnell
Edward Camacho
Edward Cassese
Edward Cicenoj
Edward Cicenos
Edward Clark III
Edward Corbally-Stourton
Edward Dalton
Edward Danila
Edward Datko
Edward Davila
Edward Davison
Edward Dean
Edward Dean Goss
Edward Devahl
Edward Di Martino
Edward DiMartino
Edward Dutko
Edward E Delong
Edward E. De Long
Edward E. Delong
Edward E. Moore
Edward Edelman
Edward Ekman
Edward Estrada
Edward Estrado
Edward Fleetwood
Edward Goss
Edward Gross
Edward Hadad
Edward Hamlyn
Edward Harrington
Edward Higgott
Edward Huddad
Edward J. Allhoff
Edward J. Camacho
Edward J. Rosenfield
Edward J. Thompson
Edward Jakubek
Edward Johnson
Edward Jones
Edward Juaregui
Edward Kleyn
Edward Kleyo
Edward Krug
Edward L. Meyers
Edward Lee
Edward Lee Johnson
Edward Long
Edward Love
Edward Lowe
Edward Mallinson
Edward Marsh
Edward Martinez
Edward Menkhaus
Edward Menkhous
Edward Neilson
Edward Nottoli
Edward Nunn
Edward O'Connell
Edward O. Terino, M.D.
Edward Osborne
Edward Owen Terino
Edward Phippen
Edward Piper
Edward Reilly
Edward Renna
Edward S. Sachs
Edward Sachs
Edward Silva
Edward Stourton
Edward Terino
Edward Thompson
Edward Vlutters
Edward Walker Dean
Edward Wall
Edward Wessely
Edward Wilson Clark III
Edwardo B. Jones
Edwardo Garcia
Edwardo Hernandez
Edwardo Lomeli
Edwardo Merced
Edwardo Solas
Edwardo Walker
Edwardo Zuluaga
Gary Edwards
George Edward
George Edward Bernett
Glen Edward Best
Glenn Edward Best
Glenn Edwards
Gwyn Edwards
Gwynant C. Edwards
Gwynant Edwards
Harold Edwards
Harold G. Edwards
Helen Edwards
Ina Edwards
Jacki Edwards
Jessi Edwards
Justin Edward Mooney
Kadija Edwards
Khadijab Edwards
Khadijah Edwards
Kimi Edwards
Kurt Edward Lyon
LaVale Edwards
Marq Edwards
Maya Edwards
Michael Edward
Michael Edwards
Minot Edwards
Naney G. Edwards
Ray Edwards
Regina Edwards
Richard Edwards
Sari Edwards
Sherry Edwards
Tim Edwards
Wesley Edwards
Edward A. Law
Edward I. Camacho
Edward Maher
Edward T. Renna
Edward Vincent
Edward Williams
Justin Edward
Kristen Edwards
Michael Edward Teifke
Raymond Edwards
Vickie Edwards
Keith Edward Dallmeier
Edward Standish
Edward Baichtal
Edward & June Camacho
Nancy G. Edwards
Edward E. Marsh
Edward & Andrea Moore Family
Edward O. Terino
Edward Smalley
Edward A. Par
Edward Tselnick
Edward Baiano
Edward Koslowski
Ray & Debbie Edwards
Edward Harmer
Edward & Ludwig Long
John Edward Culp
Ray & Deborah Edwards
Dr. Edward Terino
Edward Deezen
Edward Denton
Edward L. Edelman
Gary & Sari Edwards
Edward Mowat
Edward Muckunlall
Keith Edward Daumeier
Edward Feld
Edward Burns
Edward Dunbar
Urata Edward
Andrew Edwards
Anita Edwards
Brian Edwards
Edward Gordon
Edward Grove Jr.
Edward Hoover
Edward Key
Edward Kling
Edward Lanham
Edward Nash
Edward L Petroka
Edward Randolph
Edward Robert
Edward Roberts
Edward F. Rodriguez
Edward Willis
Edward Allan Dunbar
Edward Owens
Edward Russo
Chin-Shou (Edward) Yen
Edward. Di Martino
Edward Reily
Edward Reify
Paul Edward Clark
Edward Yeh
Edward Guignon
Barry Edwards
Edward Young
Edward Lofts
Edward Hedgecock
Edward Simon
Edward Webster
Alex Edwards
Edward Eckelberry
Edward McCloskey
Edward Duran
Edward Lofts
Anthony Brian Edwards
Justin Edward Mooney
Edward Vlutters
Yi-Chung (Edward) Tsai
Chin-Shou (Edward) Yeh
Gary Edwards
Edward Camacho
Pharhyn Edwards
Edward Standish
Ina Edwards
Edward F. Russo
Edward Duran
Edward Baichtal
James Edward Taylor
Edward Guignon
Edward Simon
Edward Owens
Nancy Edwards
Carol Edwards
Edward Walker Dean
Edward Turnner III
Ronnie Edwards
Edward Renna
Alexander Scott Edwards
Murdo Edwards Guy
Edward Lin
Edward Davison
Edward Maher
Edward A. Hedgecock
Jack Edward Stidham
Edward Fendt
Edward Ramos
Ray Edwards
Adrienne Edwards
Alex Edwards
Andre Edwards
Edward Long
Edward A. Goodrich
Edward Burnell
Richard Edwards
Edward C. Krug
Edward Allen Hedgcock
Anita Edwards
Edward T. Renna
Edward E. DeLong
Kristen Edwards
Edward Young
Ed Ward
Ray &Debbie Edwards
Edward J. Thompson
Edward Harmer
Tim Edwards
Edward A. Par
Alexander Edwards
Rick Edwards
Edward Hedgecock
Edward Webster
Edward Gilbert
Edward Baiano

Ed Ward in Scientology's Published Service Completion Lists

The following 1 individual completions for Edith Steward appear in official Scientology publications:
Name Variations Issuenum Approxdate
Edith Steward SOLO NOTS AUDITOR CERTAINTY COURSE, PART II Source 135 2001-09-01

Ed Ward in Scientology's Publications

The following 1 mention of Ed Ward appear in official Scientology publications:
Ed Ward WISE Welcomes New Members Prosperity 62 2004-03-01

Ed Ward and the Clear List

Entries for EDWARD J. JACUBEK in my Scientology Statistics Project Clear List database:

Publine Publication Clear Number Location
Clear 5360 EDWARD J. JACUBEK, Tustin Auditor 124 5360 Tustin
Clear 5465 EDWARD KEMPER, Boston Auditor 126 5465 Boston
Clear 5595 EDWARD M. SMITH, Los Angeles Auditor 128 5595 Los Angeles
Clear 5619 EDWARD DEAN GOSS, ASHO Auditor 129 5619 ASHO
Clear 5646 MARK EDWARD HANSES, St. Louis Auditor 129 5646 St. Louis
Clear 5799 EDWARD I. ROBIN, ASHO Auditor 131 5799 ASHO
Clear 6185 EDWARD E. MORLER, Washington, D.C. Auditor 139 6185 Washington, D.C.
Clear 6362 BILL EDWARDS, Detroit Auditor 146 6362 Detroit
Clear 6384 STEVE EDWARDS, Oakland Auditor 147 6384 Oakland
Clear 7689 MICHAEL EDWARDS Auditor 154 7689
Clear 8629 EDWARD B. JOHNSON Auditor 154 8629
Clear 8853 EDWARD MURAWSKI Auditor 155 8853
Clear 10,720 EDWARD THOMPSON Auditor 157 10720
Clear 10,725 EDWARD ROBERTS Auditor 157 10725
19,834 EDWARD M. LUPHER Auditor 164 19,834
Edward A. Goodrich 23110 Auditor 171 23110
Edward Burnell 23234 Auditor 171 23234
Richard Edwards 25418 Auditor 173 25418
Edward C. Krug 24014 Auditor 183 24014
Edward Allen Hedgcock 26245 Auditor 186 26245
Anita Edwards Auditor 230
Edward T. Renna Auditor 246
Edward E. DeLong Auditor 257
Kristen Edwards Auditor 278

Ed Ward and Scientologist Online Sites

My database does not list a Scientologist Online cookie-cutter web site for this person.

Ed Ward and WISE Directories

WISE, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, publishes directories listing their members.

Edward Camacho appears in at least one WISE directory:

2001 WISE Directory :

Category: Dental Services
Edward Camacho
Cosmetic Dental Associates
5837 Babcock Rd.

San Antonio, TX 78240-2135
United States
Tel (1) 210-696-1220
Fax (1) 210-696-6861

2001 WISE Directory :

Category: Industrial
Edward Bryan
Bryan Exhaust Service Inc.
2808 N. Naomi St.

Burbank, CA 91504-2023
United States
Tel. (1) 818-902-9990
Fax (1) 818-841-6810

2001 WISE Directory :

Category: Medical Services
Edward Terino
Plastic Surgery Institute of Southern California
327 S. Moorpark Rd.

Thousand Oaks, CA 91361-1008
United States
Tel. (1) 805-495-1043
Fax (1) 805-495-3450

2004 WISE Directory :

Category: Beauty Care
Edward McCrink
Natural Desires - DBA Special Marketing Concepts, Inc.
19022 Smiley Drive

Orange, CA 92869
United States
Tel. +1 714-289-9886
Fax +1 714-289-9896
E-Mail: info@[provider].com

2004 WISE Directory :

Category: Individual Professional
Edward J. Sachs
Business Prosperity
507 N. Division Street

Harvard, IL 60033
United States
Tel. +1 240-282-0084

E-Mail: ejsachs@[provider].net

2004 WISE Directory :

Category: Jewelry
Edward Rosenfield
Magic Zoo II
P.O. Box 1116

Clearwater, FL 33757
United States
Tel. +1 727-447-4220

E-Mail: info@[provider].com

2004 WISE Directory :

Category: Medical Services
Edward Terino
Plastic Surgery Institute
327 S. Moorpark Road

Thousand Oaks, CA 91361
United States
Tel. +1 818-991-6226
Fax +1 805-495-3450
E-Mail: terino@[provider].net

2004 WISE Directory :

Category: Printing
Edward Bryan
Color Print
814 Franklin St.

Clearwater, FL 33756
United States
Tel. +1 727-447-6400
Fax +1 727-447-0372
E-Mail: info@[provider].com

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