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Alicia Ali Hamilton - Scientology Service Completions

Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.

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Alicia Ali-Hamilton
Alicia Andrade
Alicia Andrade Enriquez
Alicia Andrade Enriquez Frank Crosswhite
Alicia Boling
Alicia Bostos
Alicia Bravatti
Alicia Bustos
Alicia Cain
Alicia Camargo
Alicia Campos
Alicia Capaceta- Mellado
Alicia Carr
Alicia Casillas Flores
Alicia Clark
Alicia Clarke
Alicia D'Brito
Alicia Dabbah
Alicia Debbah
Alicia Dos Santos
Alicia Drake
Alicia Espinosa
Alicia Fuller
Alicia Garcia
Alicia Gramaja
Alicia Gramajo
Alicia Gray
Alicia Hampton
Alicia Hartley
Alicia Hill
Alicia Hopkins
Alicia K. Nelson
Alicia Kartuzinski
Alicia Kartuzinsky
Alicia Kimberly Nelson
Alicia Knight
Alicia Kreisberg
Alicia Lemourt
Alicia Lopez
Alicia Loree
Alicia M. Cooke
Alicia Mandel
Alicia Mandel Fuller
Alicia Medina
Alicia Mitre
Alicia Morrell
Alicia Nelson
Alicia Norman
Alicia Nunez
Alicia Petit
Alicia Porter
Alicia Quaini
Alicia Redhat
Alicia Regensburg
Alicia Rosado
Alicia Rosado M.
Alicia RosadoLEVEL L
Alicia S. Rodriguez
Alicia S. Widmaier
Alicia Sanchez
Alicia Schmidt
Alicia Skolasinki
Alicia Skolasinski
Alicia Smith
Alicia Solerno
Alicia Stuback
Alicia Suarez
Alicia Tinoco
Alicia Voto
Alicia Webb
Alicia Widmaier
Ana Alicia
Annette Galicia
Annette Galicia B.
Annette P. Galicia
Annette Primani Galicia
Annette Primiani de Galicia
Diana Alicia Venagas
Diana Alicia Venegas
Gisela de Galicia Ingenito
Gisela Galicia
Gisela Galicia de Ingenito
Gisela Galicia Zapata
Gisele Galicia Zapata
Gisella Galicia
Guillermo Galicia
J.L. Galicia Jr.
Jose Galicia Jr.
Jose Luis Galicia
Jose Luis Galicia B.
Jose Luis Galicia Barona
Jose Luis Galicia Jr.
Jose Luis Galicia Sr.
Jose Luis Galicia Z.
Jose Luis Galicia Zapata
Jose Luis Galicia, Sr.
Jose Luis Galicia, Sr
Jose Luis M. Galicia
Alicia Regensberg
Alicia Hyde
Alicia M. Reynolds
Alicia Kartizinski
Alicia Cooke
Alicia Lecce
Alicia Ziegler
Alicia Kreisberz
Roberto Daniel Garda Galicia
Roberto Daniel Garcia Galicia
Alicia Milburn
Alicia Recio
Susan Wagner Alicial
Alicia Bock
Alicia Ying
Alicia Marotti
Alicia Araujo
Alicia Laura Hyde
Alicia Felton
Alicia Tatiana Sanz
Alicia Orozco
Alicia Orozco Sanchez
Sandra Galicia
Alicia Molina
Alicia Hardesty
Alicia Drury
Alicia Rodriguez
Alicia Nogueira
Alicia Nowaczyk
Alicia Hill
Alicia Knight
Alicia Ying
Alicia Araujo
Alicia Hardesty
Alicia Fuller
Alicia Morrell
Alicia Nogueira
Alicia Nowaczyk
Ana Maria Galicia
Gisela Galicia
Sandra Galicia
Alicia Clarke
Alicia Orozco
Carmen Alicia Gonzalez
Alicia Regensburg
Alicia Orozco Sanchez
Alicia Rodriguez
Alicia Kartuzinski
Alicia Cain
Alicia Suarez
Alicia Marotti
Tulia Alicia Benitez Estrano
Alicia Brennan
Alicia Maria Nogueira
Alicia Reynolds
Alicia Kreisberg
Alicia Webb
Marcia Gisela Galicia Zapata
Alicia Molina
Alicia Scott
Alicia Fernandez Diaz
Alicia Toth
Alicia Hampton
Alicia Fowler
Alicia Hyde
Alicia Laura Hyde
Alicia Moore
Marco Antonio Galicia Bernabe
Alicia Benson
Alicia Norman
Alicia Valenzuela
Tulia Alicia
Alicia Rowles
Dra. Alicia Rabago de Campos
Beatriz Alicia Lince
Alicia Dabbah
Alicia Felton
Lizbeth Galicia
Marco Galicia

Alicia Ali Hamilton in Scientology's Publications

No entries were found in my main Scientology Statistics database for this person.

Alicia Ali Hamilton and the Clear List

Entries for Alicia Kartuzinski in my Scientology Statistics Project Clear List database:

Publine Publication Clear Number Location
6449 Alicia Kartuzinski Auditor 150 6449
Clear 6601 JOSE LUIS GALICIA Auditor 154 6601
Alicia Rowles 25291 Auditor 172 25291
Dra. Alicia Rabago de Campos 27671 Auditor 178 27671
Beatriz Alicia Lince 28215 Auditor 180 28215
Alicia Dabbah Auditor 209
Gisela Galicia Auditor 209
Alicia Suarez Auditor 248
Alicia Suarez Auditor 278
Alicia Regensburg Auditor 321
Alicia Regensburg Auditor 323

Alicia Ali Hamilton and Scientologist Online Sites

My database does not list a Scientologist Online cookie-cutter web site for this person.

Alicia Ali Hamilton and WISE Directories

WISE, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, publishes directories listing their members.

Alicia Fuhr appears in at least one WISE directory:

2001 WISE Directory :

Category: Clothing
Alicia Fuhr
AF & B S.A.
Tacuari 1962

1139 Buenos Aires
Tel (+54) 4-307-6795
Fax (+54) 4-307-7456
E-Mail: aliciafuhr@[provider]

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