Scientology Service Completions - Advance 191 [circa December 2006 ]

Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.
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Advance 191 [ circa December 2006 ]

Quick Stat Snapshot:
56 completions
43 individuals
12 different services

The following list of Scientology service completions appears in Advance 191 [ circa December 2006 ] :

CLEAR [ 2 ]  ( CLEAR - learn more ) 

     Chris Johnson
     Renee McKinstry

R6EW [ 1 ]  

     Rodger Warner

SOLO I [ 8 ]  

     John Vasko
     Dietrich Schmitz
     Catherine Bell
     Michael Phillips
     Mary Quinn
     Sabrina Nowlin
     Carol Orbach
     John Hackbarth

SOLO II [ 8 ]  

     Rick Dickson
     John Vasko
     Jill Higgins
     Nick Banks
     Jean Bennick
     Amandah Reyne
     Catherine Bell
     Tobe Daum


     Steve Eglash
     Amandah Reyne
     Marcy Sanders
     Catherine Bell
     Chris Johnson


     Kathryn Landers
     Marice Todd
     Rick Dickson
     John Vasko

OT I [ 5 ]  ( OT I - learn more ) 

     Sandy O'Neil
     Anna McFadyen
     Lynn Robison
     Kathryn Landers
     Rick Dickson

OT II [ 5 ]  

     Angela Garcia
     Tony Pellicci
     Lynn Robison
     Julianne Williams
     Rosemarie Paquette

OT III [ 6 ]  

     Mahvash Tabibzadeh
     Nancy Young
     Colette Faucoup-Mckinley
     Peter Gonzalez
     Cyndie Hoffman
     Karen Brown

OT IV [ 6 ]  

     Ken Olson
     Mike Toth
     Sally Hooper
     Mary Irwin
     Gary S. Brown
     Mahvash Tabibzadeh

OT V [ 5 ]  

     Ken Olson
     Donna Byrd
     Michael Toth
     Lee Thoburn
     Sally Hooper

CLASS VIII [ 1 ]  

     Floyd Sloat

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