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December 1983

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"Since we can now handle all types of cases disconnection as a condition is cancelled." L. Ron Hubbard (Cancellation of Disconnection" HCOPL15 Nov 68)

The OT Committee UK:

The OT Committee UK was established in September as a co-ordination point for UK Scientologists. Originally we knew of about 7 people in the UK who were disaffected from the Church, within two months this number has grown to over 100, of whom only two have returned to the Church. Amongst our numbers we have 24 NOTs OTs.

The purpose of the OT Committee is to inform Scientologists of the true state of the C of S, and to encourage the Independent delivery of Standard Scientology.

The UK Committee has so far established OT committees in East Grinstead, London, Plymouth and Aberdeen. Each committee is a free-agent. We are not a management body, but a co-ordination body, as such we can give information and advice, but do not give orders. The OT Committee UK is itself a free-agent which exchanges information and advice with the OT Committee WW.

We do not seek to restrict the communication, or the beliefs of our fellow Scientologists. Our primary function - as with all Scientologists - is to safeguard the Tech, and ensure that it is delivereed.

Many explanations are being offered for the Church's current state; our members have reached differing conclusions from the available facts. The true reasons for the Church's attitude to, and attacks upon, Scientologists are not yet completely evident. So the OT Committee UK can present the information and opinions of others, but does not endorse any viewpoint at this time. We recommend the use of Ron's marvellous Data Series policies, and the Code of Honour.

"But with the Data Series, one can spot bad data so easily it is itself a sort of relief to know it" (RJ37).

The OT Commitee UK: Avalon, Cranston Road, EAST GRINSTEAD, West Sussex, RH19 3HG

The Availability of the Bridge

There are many, many Independent groups delivering Scientology services over the planet. These groups are not governed or connected by a management network. The label "squirrel" (per the Tech Dictionary) could not be applied to any of the groups we're in comm with.

The whole Bridge is available outside of the Church, at considerably lower cost, and in the hands of very highly trained Scientologists. (The majority of the Class 12's are now outside of the Church, for example.)

In mid-November Harvey Haber of David Mayo's Advanced Ability Center visited the UK to give a talk and answer questions.

The AAC is determined to maintain a high tech to admin ratio, so 10 of the 14 staff are on tech posts. Two of the staff are Class 12's; Nine are NOTs auditors; Eight are LRH trained; Three are ex-heads of Ron's research team (Donna Haber was head of the team which researched and compiled the Key to Life under Ron's supervision). Ken Urquhart was LRH Personal Communicator for 8 years. John Nelson and Dede Riesdorf are both ex-chairmen of the Watchdog Committee, and thusly ex-CO's of CMO Int, which used to be the Commodore's personal Org. When David Mayo was Senior C\S Flag a telex was received from Ron via Ken Urquhart stating that David is "the best C\S in the world" (We have a witnessed affidavit to this effect.)

The Bridge, including Solo NOTs, is available from the AAC. The flow of public has been remarkable, and the successes dazzling, as witnessed by this letter, received from a girl who went out to the AAC from the UK for a NOTs review:

"Hello from Montecito. The Centre is the most aesthetic and upstat Scn. place I have to date come across. Modern, computer accounting and CF ... 10 minutes after my arrival at the Centre I had a D of P and that afternoon my first session. One and a quarter years of personal agony was handled in 1 hour's auditing. In fact I over-ran ... it just didn't occur to me that I could have handled it that fast. The C\Sing is VERY direct. No nonsense, exactly handling what one wants. The auditing sensitive and accurate. You asked about Ken Urquhart. He's my auditor ... David is here and in circulation. Very unassuming, also auditing. The accent is very much on production and fulfilling the purpose of getting people up the Bridge ..."

And a Success on completing OT2:

"I LOVED it! I had so many wonderful wins and cognitions. This level really rehabilitated abilities lost for a long, long time. The tech is so powerful; LRH is truly a genius. Many thanks to my C\S - sure helps when you've got a great supporting staff, I feel just great!!"

We have MANY other Successes from AAC. The Advanced Ability Center is at: Coast Village Road No. 1, Suite 243, Santa Barbara, CA 93108, USA

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The UK

East Grinstead also has an Independent group nearby delivering Advanced Levels at less than one-fifth of the Church's price. It is intended that a facsimile machine be installed, which will transmit accurate copies of worksheets to David Mayo, so that he can wear the Snr C/S Int hat given to him by LRH.

They have the support of several field auditors too.

Successes from the EG group:

From a NOTs pre-OT: "I've just had the most unbelievable experience on the Bridge so far. It didn't happen in session - it happened in the D of P interview. I've been in BIG TROUBLE on Nots since June 82 (at AOSHUK).I'd done brilliantly on it priorly but had forgotten all about that because of the negations of change, distress and physical universe foul-ups ....

The very, very skillful unravelling in a very lengthy D of P found the most basically incredible C/S outpoint .... It was so ironic, so utterly explicit of all the trouble I'd had, that all my NOTs wins came flooding back and boy were they big wins.

But much, much more importantly my certainty in the tech is totally restored ..... the total precision of NOTs and its complete exactness has been brought home."

Another NOTs pre-OT: "Today I had one of my most incredible sessions ever. In fact its magnitude is indescribable but quite simply I experienced the serenity of timelessness and motionlessness. Ron's incredible tech has now been made affordable to all and not just to the small wealthy minority."

You can contact the group c/o Avalon, Cranston Road, EAST GRINSTEAD, West Sussex, RH19 3HG.


An independent AO will be opening in Scotland in January. A baronial mansion in 23 acres of grounds (with two lakes!) has been purchased for this purpose by Robin and Adrienne Scott. They will be delivering the whole training and processing Bridge, up to and including NOTs.

Address: CANDACRAIG HOUSE, STRATHDON, ABERDEENSHIRE AB3 8XT. Tel. No. 09752 378. Anyone interested please get in touch.

"any trouble Dianetics and Scientology had is traced to those who engage in suppression of individuals and man.

"They use numerous ways to attempt the eradication of the tech. Denying it is the first. Invalidation is the second. Corrupting it is the next." (RJ37)

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Merrill Mayo's Open Letter

The following letter was received from Merrill Mayo. Merrill is a Class XII, trained by LRH, and called by him "the miracle worker". She was auditor of the year three years running for the highest number of auditing hours. Currently she is working at the Personal Efficiency Center, 3485 University Ave, Riverside, California, CA 92501, USA.

Dear Friends,

Since I have been very closely associated with David Mayo for over 20 years, I feel I should write to you all in support of David and what he has done and is currently doing.

David's contribution to Scientology and to thousands of people in his forwarding of LRH'S tech has been very considerable indeed over many years.

Having trained as an auditor under LRH on the 1962 SHSBC, David then trained and was interned by LRH on the Flag Ship in the early 70's. LRH turned over his Senior C/S hat to David in 1973. While we were on the ship, LRH inspected many many of the folders David C/Sed (and ones I'd audited, too) - LRH always made a point of keeping his eye on the tech during those years - and those products David turned out were excellent, by LRH'S own inspection.

David, as Senior C/S at the Flag Land Base up until August 1978, personally supervised every program of every single preclear who went there and continued to uphold the standard of Ron's tech. The tremendous amount of case gain made at Flag by many hundreds of preclears in those years was due to David's insistence on LRH'S tech being applied exactly - that IS what gives excellent case gain, the tech applied exactly. And this was David's responsibility. These very results are concrete evidence of his application of LRH's tech.

David, along with others, trained, interned and crammed many auditors and C/Ses who reached a very high calibre of technical performance. Thus, Flag became Known as "The Mecca of Technical Perfection" in the 70's. One cannot deny the actual results that were achieved at that time.

In my own personal experience as an auditor in the Flag HGC, David would never discuss tech with me. His statement was: "You're responsible for knowing the tech, and if you have confusions look it up or take yourself to the Cramming Officer. Never ask me for Tech, I'm not source." And he held to this without deviation.

In late August of 1978, David was called away from Flag to audit LRH. Then LRH made him Senior C\S International. When LRH discovered and formulated Ned for OTs, David worked with him very closely on this research. David also got people trained to audit and C\S it and got it delivered to the public, and again the same was done for Solo NOTs later. In late 1980 and early 1981, given the data of the Happiness Rundown, David assisted LRH in getting this data put into an auditable rundown, testing it and piloting it until it was ready for public. He personally for 6 weeks trained auditors and C\Ses from all over the world. This produced a huge resurgence in the Orgs. These are a few of the specific products David has helped LRH with. The tech is LRH's. The exact implementation of that tech is what David has done.

SO ED 2344 Int, 20 Aug. 1983 "The Story of a Squirrel: David Mayo" gives an entirely different picture. How could so many people have gained so much from David's help? What can one say about such an issue? There are a few points in that ED that I could personally make a specific statement about, as I was there at the time working closely with David in his office when they occurred, which I'll point out briefly just for example: On the Kingsley Wimbush "de-dinging"

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technique, David never condoned this action; quite the reverse, he and the Qual Sec Int co-ordinated on a program to correct and handle it; another point, David didn't C\S his own folder, nor order his auditor on what to run - another Case Supervisor C\S'd his folder (who also got removed from post at exactly the same date David and the rest of the Snr C\S Int Office got removed), nor did David arrange to have his folder or parts of it sent around to anyone; quite to the contrary, an exec in CMO Int physically wrenched David's pc folder from the auditor's arms despite that auditor's protest that this exec was not qualified to look at the folder as he wasn't on NED for OTs - I was present when this occurred and I also couldn't prevent it. David certainly did not deliberately mis-C\S my case nor did he do any of the other points stated in that paragraph, nor was there any sexual misconduct. I thought a little clarification of a few points might help to enlighten you just a bit on the nature of that ED.

LRH was correct in placing David in the Snr C\S position. In my 20 years of working in Scientology Orgs, I have never seen any person so dedicated to LRH, his tech and the furtherance of Scientology for all mankind as David has been. His belief in the basic goodness of man has never faltered and his attempts to free that goodness have never abated. He has worked ceaselessly to carry forward LRH's intentions. His written comm line with LRH was cut off by senior execs and his efforts to continue furthering LRH's tech were abruptly stopped on August 29, 1982.

In April 82, there was a letter to David from LRH which I read, in which LRH talked about his expectancy of leaving his body in the not too distant future. He said that the responsibility for the tech and for his technical hats for the next 20 to 25 years would be David's. LRH was not mistaken in entrusting David with this and David, prevented from carrying forward this trust within the Church of Scientology, is nevertheless persisting in his efforts to see that people do get Ron's tech as it is intended by Ron's own writings.

David is concerned for the purity and the standardness of the tech and no one but LRH himself is so qualified as David to safeguard and ensure the tech is carried forward correctly. Many of us are helping.

You CAN carry on up the levels, with trust and confidence. As Ron says in MY PHILOSOPHY, "wisdom is meant for anyone who wishes to reach for it." The gains to be had are available to you.

Please get in touch with us. We are here to help you.

Much love,

Merrill Mayo

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A recent Success from the Personal Efficiency Center where Merrill works:

On completing OTIII: "This is an incredible level. The importance of doing this level cannot be overestimated. It handled nearly everything on my case that I wanted handled when I first walked in this building back in '76. I finally feel as if I am in complete control over my life for the first time in quite a long while."

UK Founding Scientologist Neville Glazier (new OT5, and Ron's aide in Rhodesia) is currently working at the Personal Efficiency Center, and is about to route onto his Solo NOTs there!

A plug for Marvin Price: his "Change of Viewpoint" magazine is the best we've seen. Address Centre for Personal Achievement, c\o Mag Editor, 2087 Grand Canal Blvd, Suite No 2, Stockton, CA 95207, USA


UK: The OT Committee London, chaired by NOTs OT Julian Bell, will be opening an Academy in the near future. They have the materials, the staff and the students - they're just finding suitable premises. East Grinstead already has a Foundation Academy with a Flag-trained supervisor. The emphasis is on training and co-auditing at affordable prices, in an ARCful environment.

These are two of the several Independent groups in the UK. If you want help in opening a group contact Joyce Barnes, OT Committee UK, Avalon, Cranston Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 3HG. If you're a field auditor contact Darrell Sykes, Auditors Association Universal.

A group called ESO (no, I don't know what it means either) recently contacted us from Birmingham, to voice their support. Unfortunately they didn't let us know where they are and who they are. We'd like to see an Independent group delivering standard Scientology in Birmingham, so please get in touch!

EUROPE: On the weekend of November 12th and 13th a group of UK Scientologists attended an event and conference in Spain. Groups from Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the US were also present.

At the event it was urged that Scientologists stop fighting one another, and turn their attention back to clearing the Planet. John Caban spoke about the proposed Admin Scale of the OT Committee World Wide. Captain Bill Robertson gave readings from LRH's script "Revolt in the Stars" and spoke of clearing tne 4th Dynamic. Harvey Haber, from the Advanced Ability Center, talked of their remarkable expansion over the last three months, and how, despite attacks and false PR, AAC simply gets on with delivering Ron's Bridge.

At the conference Captain Bill - appointed as 2nd Deputy Commodore by LRH - was accepted as Chairman of the OT Committee World Wide. We learned that 2 European missions have left the C of S, and that an AO is being established in Italy. The OT Committee World Wide also holds the trademarks of Dianetics and Scientology in Spain!

Captain Bill stressed the freedom of choice within the new movement, and the great resurgence of self-determination in Independent Scientologists.

"Truth blows the lies away" (RJ 37)

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AUSTRALIA: The decision obtained by the C of S Int against Eddie Mace, Bernie Wimbush and Mason van der Linde on September 13th was set aside by the Supreme Court of Western Australia on September 27th. The judge indicated that the C of S Int would have to file and serve further and better particulars of its statement of claim. When last we heard the Church had still not done so.

Eddie had 35 students - 9 on the Solo course - by the beginning of November. He has SEVEN Class VIII's on his lines!

A recent success from Eddie's Centre for Personal Enhancement:

"Today I exploded with laughter. The CS said I could attest to OT 4.

"Fortunately, I have a strong sense of the ridiculous, and I have been waiting to tell Bernie, my auditor, how ridiculous it all was to spend a lifetime in the middle of a deadly serious game, then a few hours auditing and it was just a joke, something to laugh at. I had been trapped in a game of other people's considerations and I had well and truly bought them. For a few moments before the laughter, I realised angrily the price I had paid in years, tears and regret.

"I cleared the board, put away the pawns, the knights, bishops and castles, took a last look at the Kings and Queens and closed the lid.

"I've As-ised that box of pieces, that game, so no-one else can pick it up and play it.

"Now, what's New, what Worthwhile Game can I put in its place? Watch this space for the next thrilling installment. I love you all."

Trademarks And Copyrights?

Some false data, and altered importances, have been put about concerning Trademark and Copyright.

"Trade-mark: A mark (now, one secured by legal registration) used by a manufacturer or trader to distinguish his goods from similar wares of other firms." (Shorter Oxford English Dictionary)

"Copyright: the exclusive right given by law for a certain term of years to an autnor, composer, etc (or his assignee) to print, publish and sell copies of his original work" (Shorter Oxford English Dictionary).

"As you can see neither of these restricts the USE of Scientology Tech, so long as you don't advertise using the C of S's trademarks, or start republishing Ron's books! So you're free to audit and train using the materials, and PLEASE do so - how else can we clear this planet? Just USE Standard Ethics and Standard Tech!

Agreement With The C Of S?

Yes! We agree that Michael Flynn, the Boston lawyer, IS Public Enemy Number One, as far as Scientology is concerned. So of course we don't support him in any way. Various other splinter groups (including David Mayo and Eddie Mace) have also made this clear. We'd also recommend that the C of S investigates Michael's brother Kevin, the founder of Flynn Associates Management Co (FAMCO). We cannot endorse these attacks upon LRH, and if we can be of assistance in the Church's campaign against the Flynns we welcome the Church's comm.

"Any suppressive person or group seeking to dissuade you or invalidate you deals only in lies." (RJ 37)


Founding Scientologist Pam Baczkowska came into Scientology in 1961, she was amongst the first 400 OTVI's, and is Class 6 and Full OT VII. She sent us the following Success Story:

"After posting my resignation to St Hill I experienced a wonderful feeling of freedom, as if a big cloud had rolled away.

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"Now I can comm freely again to anyone I choose about anything I choose. Now I can follow my own goals and purposes with no counter-intention. The friends I had are closer and dearer. The people I didn't care for I do not have to comm to.

"My income has improved. I've sold three sculptures since resigning. Henry, my husband, has sold pictures since he resigned. My postulates are working again. I am getting more creative ideas than before and have the free attention to work on them and complete them without invalidation. I have started playing the piano again and the future looks bright. I am also more willing to help others. Probably the reasons for all this will be found in the SP/PTS Detection and Routing Pack."

Pam is also renowned for her sale of 2000 copies of DMSMH!

Also in the UK resigned list are (year where given is that of entry into Scn):

Colin Mills (1972 NOTs, Snr Cl IV)
Julian Bell (1975 on NOTs)
Michele Brown (1978 OTIV NED)
Terry Brown (1978 OTIII HQS)
John Mace (Founding Scientologist, new OTV, Cl VI)
Jon Atack (1974, on NOTs, Cl II)
Martin Ruston (1964, on NOTs, Clear No 2359)
Joyce Barnes (1964, OTI, Ex Pgms Chief FOLO UK and Flag)
Henry Baczkowski (1961, Clear No 4084, OTIII)
Ron Lawley (1973, on NOTs, Cl IV, OEC)
Jeanny Hanson (on Solo NOTs, Cl VI)
John Hansen (on NOTs)
Alex Cronin (OTII)
Bevan Preece (1957, OTIII, Cl IV)
Phyllis Preece (1961, Grade IV)

Send copies of your resignations (please add the year you came in, and your case and training level), and send us your communication! Mail is handled in confidence (we won't knowledge report you!) Since our last mailing we've received many letters, and several donations (which are always welcome!)

David Gaiman, the former DG PR WW, has informed us that he believes there to be omissions in the report of his address to the UK Event of 14th Oct 1983 as contained in the 28th October 1983 issue from the UK Project for the Preservation of Standard Tech. In order that you may decide for yourself, unedited tape cassettes of the Event are available from the OT Committee UK, price 2.50, cheques payable to the "OT Committee UK".

For those who wish to attack the Independent Scientology field, we recommend a re-reading of Way to Happiness point 18.


"For a great many years I asked this question, "To communicate or not to communicate?" If one got himself into such thorough trouble by communicating, then, of course, one should stop communicating. But this is not the case. If one gets himself into trouble by communicating, he should further communicate. More communication, not less, is the answer, and I consider this riddle solved after a quarter-century of investigation and pondering." L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology A New Slant on Life, page 157-158)

Finally: we would all like to thank Ron for giving us his technology, and the free use of it (in RJ 37) - wherever he is.