Scientology Outpoints

If you've been involved with Scientology for any length of time, chances are good that you've seen some outpoints yourself - actions that were off-policy, situations that are out-exchange, and so on. Here are a few that individual Scientologists have discussed on the web - please also see the info on altered tech:

New:A post to the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup describes how excessive sec-checking has become institutionalized out-tech.

An independent Scientologist who called himself "the Pilot" wrote a summary of the ways in which the Church of Scientology was demonstrating that its grades were out.

Scientologist Susan McDonald did a doubt formula and posted the results, listing 11 major outpoints, in June 2000.

In the Lisa McPherson case, the Scientologists watching Lisa kept logs. However, the last three days of those logs are missing - or at least CoS claims they are. Missing watch logs are a serious outpoint.

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