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Source Stats Peaked in 1987

TAS : Source Stats Peaked in 1987

Update: A just-completed analysis from September 2004 shows that Flag stats actually peaked in 1989 - see the Source summary analysis for details.

A complete analysis of Source statistics is not yet possible, because we don't yet have all the data from every issue.

However, there are two three-year runs when we have data from every issue during those time periods: 1986-1988 and 2001-2003.

Those statistics show that total completions peaked in 1987 and have not recovered, and that the total for 2003 was about half (54%) of the total for 1987.

Here is the data on the total number of completions for each year:


By contrast, Freewinds completions peaked in 1999, while AOLA's stats have most recently gone up, peaking in 2002.

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