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Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.
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Impact 74   1997

John Achong
Rafid Akrawi
Jonathan Anderson
Rolf Andersson
Ross Aston
Zehava Aviel
Ruth M. Bagley
Jodie Baron
Florence Bosiger
Sandy Burrows
David Caccavella
Lina Caminska
Carla Ceruti
Linda Clarke
Patricia Cota
Jessica L. Derr
Jody Desena
Armin Dettling
Giuseppe Fini
Armida Gonzales
Fraser Grant
Diana Greve
Paul W. Billiard
Richard L. Hirst
Deborah Hiver
Jan Houston
Thomas Hughes
David Jantz
Nandor Csaba
Melissa Lane
Dalit Levi Gur
Debby Lowe
Don Lowe
Lizzy Lu
Giam Paolo
Sonia Manenti
Patricia Marks
Donald McClintock
Alvaro Milho
Giannis Moschos
William Nicoletto
James Nutt
Juan Ortega
Matt Patisso
Rosalyn Paul
Frank Paulsworth
Jol Reese
Edwin G, Richardson
Laura Robuschi
Kay Rowe
Hamid Sadeghi
Haitham Saleh
Marco Sarrocco
Christa Schwertsik
Charels E. Sellers
Aral'e Sikes
Martine Smorto
Fumiko Suga
Tomoshi Taniyama
Andrew Toomey
Brian Warren
Gene Weber
Donna J.Wolff
Ivano Zanon

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