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Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.
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Impact 5   1986

Carol Beeny
Gerald Beeny
Carolyn Berger
Brad Bernstein
Steve Bolhnger
Jeffrey Lynn Bowden
David J. Braverman
Sherry Brown
Iz Cheat
Lyle Cunningham
Sherry Cunningham
Tony Dinges
Linda Doering
James Doering
John Dries
Glenn Dunlap
Rick Fisch
Marsha Fox
John Futris
John Fyffe & Pam Fyffe
Jenny Guggenheim
Mike Hedricks
Susie Hegeman
Rick Henley
Tamara Herships
Barbara Humphrey
Mark Johnson
Ron Koenigs
Diana G Lara
Michael Leach
Hy Levy
Bernard Littman
Marty Liverance
Chris Marquis
Donn Marier
Lisa Marier
William Moon
Walter Mueller
Douglas Nagy
Wayne Nefferd
Derrick Northcross
Joseph A Osgood
Linda J Patterson
Ronald Radstrom
Paul E Redlin
Al Rice
Mischa Rice
Eclishca Richards
Wes Richards
Dee Rodine
Herb Shaw
David Sutter
Pem Wall
Anjuli Willis
Jeanne C. Willis
John B. Willis

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