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Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.
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Honor Roll Members

Those members who have made exceptional donations to the International Association of Scientologists or who have signed up 20 new members for the Association are awarded the status of HONOR ROLL MEMBER.

The Honor Roll Members are listed to the right. They are all congratulated on their appointment. We hope to see many more new Honor Roll Members listed in the next issue.

Members with Honor Roll Status
Impact 3   1985

Victoria de Vanharasz
Ray Barton
Lynn Irons
Nigel Oakes
Carter Manierre
Greg Hughes
Deborah Hughes
Dan Feeley
Gloria Neumeyer
Michael Henderson
Rick Bishop
Carolyn Sampson
Tony Sampson
Jane Deming
Lawrence E. Hanson
Alan Crichton
Maria Moschini
Tito Mazza
Itai Dishor
David Gale
Vron McAllister
Vicki Aznaran
Linda Patterson
Valerie Pearson
Steve Edison
Dicki Conn
David Singer
Jonas Sjoblom
David Miscavige
Marc Yager
Carl Heldt
Guillaume Lesevre
Pauline Chatterton
Maureen Brigatti
Norman Starkey
Lyman Spurlock
Mark Schreffler
Heber Jentzsch
Chick Corea

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