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Celebrity Stats Through 2004

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Celebrity Centre's Stats are Down

For the first time this year, we have several consecutive years of statistics from Celebrity magazine to analyze. This analysis uses a complete run of Celebrity completion tallies from 1991 through 2004. These statistics reflect completed services at Celebrity Centre International (CC Int), Scientology's main Celebrity Centre, based in Los Angeles, California.

CC Int's total of 2994 completions for 2004 is drop of nearly 25% from 2003's 3922 completions. 2003 showed the very beginnings of the decline - there was a slight drop from 2002's 3955 completions, the highest ever recorded for CC Int during this 14-year period.

CC Int's stats rise and fall every few years, but 2004's 25% drop is the largest decline in seven years (since 1997's 40% drop).

Annual totals were higher in 8 of the 14 years - 1993, 1994, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, and 2003 - than they were in 2004.


Of the roughly 78000 individuals in HORTON, 25,318 have done a service at CC Int. 14,004 of those 25,318 individuals - 55% - have only completed a single service. An additional 3707 - another 15% - have done two services. Thus, only 30% of those who have done any service at CC Int have done more than two services, ever, in any of the Scientology orgs for which I have completions.

You can follow trends for specific types of services on the related category pages:

of 14-yr Total
1. BASIC PROCESSING AND TRAINING SERVICES121815061622125440%downstat
2. PROCESSING567107794755722%downstat
3. SPECIALTY RUNDOWNS468592664%downstat
4. TRAINING46751452533417%downstat
5. AUDITOR SPECIALTY COURSES91216321%upstat 3 years
6. OTHER COURSES1381731761025%downstat
8. OT HATTING COURSES107670%upstat 1 year
9. OTHER - CERTAINTY COURSES64160270%downstat
9. OTHER - HATS000120%upstat 1 year
9. OTHER - MISCELLANEOUS1234373664898%upstat 1 year

I have omitted subpages for several categories (Specialty Rundowns, Auditor Specialty Courses, Other Courses, Third And Fourth Dynamic Training Courses, OT Hatting Courses, Other - Certainty Courses, and Other - Hats), since, taken together, they account for less than 15% of all Celebrity Centre completions. I can put a page together for those stats if there's a high demand for it.

You can also view a table showing all completion tallies from 1976-2004 for services offered at Celebrity Centre International, as listed in Celebrity magazine.

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