C - Scientology Service Completions

Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.
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C in Scientology's Published Service Completion Lists

The following 65 individual completions for C appear in official Scientology publications:

Carol LeipsicGRADE 0 EXPANDED Source 331981-10-01
Carol LeipsicGRADE I EXPANDED Source 331981-10-01
Carol LeipsicSUNSHINE RUNDOWN Source 351982-03-01
Carol LeipsicSOLO Source 361982-06-01
Carol LeipsicOT I Source 361982-06-01
Carol LeipsicOT II Source 361982-06-01
Carol LeipsicOT III Source 361982-06-01
Carol LeipsicNEW OT IV OT DRUG RUNDOWN Source 361982-06-01
Carol LeipsicNEW OT V AUDITED NOTS Source 481985-08-01
Carl B. LeBlancOBJECTIVES Source 611988-02-01
Christian LeBlancPTS/SP COURSE PART ONE Source 651989-02-01
Claude Froute De DomecNEW OT VIII Freewinds 11989-12-01
Carol LeipsicROUTE TO INFINITY Freewinds 11989-12-01
Carol Fischer Dunn DCROUTE TO INFINITY Freewinds 21990-04-01
Corin NomecPURIFICATION RUNDOWN Celebrity 3151998-11-01
Corin NemecBASIC STUDY MANUAL Freewinds 311999-02-01
Corin NemecROUTE TO INFINITY COURSE Freewinds 311999-02-01
Corin NemecPURIFICATION RUNDOWN Celebrity 3171999-02-01
Chrystelle FroissacNEW STUDENT HAT COURSE Source 1241999-05-01
Corin NemecTRS & OBJECTIVES Celebrity 3191999-06-01
Corin NemecDYNAMICS OF MONEY COURSE Celebrity 3191999-06-01
Chrystelle FroissacPURIFICATION RUNDOWN Source 1282000-01-01
Chrystelle FroissacPTS/SP Course Source 1282000-01-01
Chrystelle FroissacOBJECTIVES AUDITING Source 1302000-07-01
Chrystelle FroissacSCIENTOLOGY DRUG RUNDOWN Source 1302000-07-01
Corin NemecSCIENTOLOGY DRUG RUNDOWN Celebrity 3292001-02-01
Christopher MusicOT III Source 1562004-06-01
Christopher MusicNEW OT V AUDITED NOTS Source 1582004-08-01
Charles KirouacSOLO NOTS AUDITOR CERTAINTY COURSE PART I Source 1872007-01-01
Carla DezelicPROBLEMS OF WORK COURSE Source 1942007-09-01
Carla DezelicPURIFICATION RUNDOWN PROCEDURE Source 1952007-10-01
Christopher MusicSCIENCE OF SURVIVAL COURSE Freewinds 692007-10-01
Christopher MusicSELF ANALYSIS COURSE Freewinds 692007-10-01
Christopher MusicADVANCE PROCEDURE & AXIOMS COURSE Freewinds 692007-10-01
Christopher MusicHANDBOOK FOR PRECLEARS COURSE Freewinds 692007-10-01
Christopher MusicHISTORY OF MAN COURSE Freewinds 692007-10-01
Christopher MusicSCIENTOLOGY: 8-80 COURSE Freewinds 692007-10-01
Christopher MusicSCIENTOLOGY 8-8008 COURSE Freewinds 692007-10-01
Christopher MusicCREATION OF HUMAN ABILITY COURSE Freewinds 692007-10-01
Christopher MusicDIANETICS 55! COURSE Freewinds 692007-10-01
Christopher MusicFUNDAMENTALS OF THOUGHT COURSE Freewinds 692007-10-01
Christopher MusicPROBLEMS OF WORK COURSE Freewinds 692007-10-01
Christopher MusicNEW OT VIII COMPLETIONS Freewinds 702007-12-01
Carl LeblancARC STRAIGHTWIRE Source 2112010-11-01
Carl LeblancGRADE II EXPANDED Source 2112010-11-01
Carl LeblancGRADE III EXPANDED Source 2112010-11-01
Carla DezelicOBJECTIVES Source 2252012-11-01
Carla DezelicTRS AND OBJECTIVES CO-AUDIT COURSE Source 2252012-11-01
Carla DezelicSCIENTOLOGY DRUG RUNDOWN® Source 2272013-02-01
Carla DezelicHAPPINESS RUNDOWN Source 2282013-04-01
Carla DezelicARC STRAIGHTWIRE Source 2282013-04-01
Christopher MusicPURIFICATION RUNDOWN® Source 2292013-07-01
Carla DezelicPURIFICATION RUNDOWN Source 2322014-06-01
Carla DezelicGRADE II Source 2332014-08-01
Carla DezelicGRADE III Source 2332014-08-01
Carla DezelicEXPANDED GRADE IV - ABILITY RELEASE® Source 2342014-11-01
Carla DezelicSTATE OF CLEAR Source 2342014-11-01
Can AytacCOMPETENCE AND LEADERSHIP COURSE Freewinds 1052014-12-01
Christopher MusicSUPER POWER® Source 2402016-03-01
Christopher MusicSTUDENT HAT® COURSE Source 2492017-11-01
Christopher MusicPTS/SP Course Source 2552019-01-01
Carl LeblancCAUSE RESURGENCE RUNDOWN® Source 2642021-10-01

Note: The dates listed above are the approximate publication dates of the magazines, which may be weeks or months later than the actual date the service was completed.

C in Scientology's Publications

The following 4 mentions of C appear in official Scientology publications:

Carol LeipsicSponsors for Total Freedom Impact 1012002-09-01
Chris & Diane MusicHonor Roll of the IAS Impact 1022002-12-01
Christopher & Diane MusicFounding Patrons Impact 1092004-09-01
Christopher & Diane MusicPatrons Impact 1142006-09-01

Note: The dates listed above are the approximate publication dates of the magazines, which may be weeks or months later than the actual date the service was completed.

C and the Clear List

Entries for C in my Scientology Statistics Project Clear List database:

Clear No. 15,890 CAROL LEIPSIC, New YorkAuditor 162

C and Scientologist Online Sites

C had a Scientologist Online cookie-cutter web site.

The link was:


Note: The individual cookie-cutter websites have been taken down, and those links now redirect to the main Scientology site.

search for Corin Nemec, Scientologist


Note: The individual cookie-cutter websites have been taken down, and those links now redirect to the main Scientology site.

search for Corinne Blanc, Scientologist

C and WISE Directories

WISE, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, publishes directories listing their members.

C appears in at least one WISE directory:

2001 WISE Directory:

Category: Financial Advisors
Christopher Music
Clergy Benefits Group
4333 Sharon Ave.

Columbus, OH 43214-2855
United States
Tel (1) 614-262-1468
Fax (1) 614-262-1471
Email: pcmusic@[provider].com

2001 WISE Directory:

Category: WISE Membership Associations
Christopher Music
Cleveland Chapter I/C
4333 Sharon Ave.

Columbus, OH 43214-2855
United States
Tel. (1) 614-262-1468
Fax (1) 614-262-1471
E-Mail: pcmusic@[provider].com

2004 WISE Directory:

Category: Business Expansion Club
Christopher Music
Business Expansion Club CW
1170 NE Cleveland St.

Clearwater, FL 33755
United States

E-Mail: becclearwater@[provider].com

2004 WISE Directory:

Category: Consultants in LRH Management Tech
Carla Dezelic
MGE, Inc.
3975 University Drive, Ste. 200

Fairfax, VA 22030
United States
Tel. +1 703-218-1250
Fax +1 703-218-1259

The information on this page comes from my Scientology Statistics database. While I attempt to be as accurate as possible, errors or inaccuracies may be introduced by the source material, the transcription process, or database bugs. If you discover an error or problem, please let me know by writing to kristi@truthaboutscientology.com.